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PLEASE share your advice!!

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  • AmyWest1212 01-27-15 | 06:44 PM
  • Hello Mommies and my TTC friends.

    I had a few questions that hopefully several of you will be so kind as to weigh in on and share your thoughts/experiences. The backstory is a bit long, but I'd like to give you as much info (I will sum it up the best I can) to paint the whole picture!

    First off, I am a registered nurse and I know a lot about pregnancy through the entire process. I'm actually a nursing professor currently teaching Maternal Newborn Nursing. HOWEVER, I have had several health issues and happenings that have confused me about my own body.

    Here's the backstory:
    I was dating/engaged/married to my ex-husband for almost 5 years. We used ZERO form of birth control, and which we did not have IC very often, I kept a tracker on my phone and we almost always did around my supposed fertile day(s). So although we never actually TRIED, I feel like the odds should mean I definitely would have gotten pregnant. I considered a fertility problem with one of us, but it turns out he had a child with his ex-girlfriend through an affair... So clearly its not him and clearly we are no longer married.
    I've also been diagnosed with gastritis (stomach condition), which has required treatment with several routine drugs as well as several as needed. I also am still currently bring treated for mild depression and anxiety, but have taken steps to greatly reduce my medication dosages.
    I do not take anti-seizure meds or antibiotics frequently.
    I had one abnormal Pap smear a few years ago, but things turned out fine. (Side note: haven't seen a gyno in a few years - long insurance story - but about to make an appointment.
    I have always had light periods, somewhat irregular - but have become more regular with age.
    I recently married again, and my new husband and I (for lack of a better time) are REALLY practicing to make a baby

    I decided to take OTCs during our second month together, but that was the only month, and I did not always remember to take them on schedule. I know that one month of BC is not truly effective.

    ... With that being said, here are my concerns/conditions/things I've noted:
    1. I frequently have sharp but not terrible pain when I press on the left side of my abdomen in two spots - one being about 2 -3 inches below my belly button and slightly to the left of the midline of my abdomen, and the other being about 2 inches starting at the bottom of my hip bone and continuing down along the lower curve of my pelvis slightly to the left of the pubic mound. Sometimes I think I can feel small knots by pushing on that particular spot.
    2. I feel very bloated almost constantly.
    3. My last few period have been "usual" for me, but that means they are very light and you all know period signs can be baby signs too.
    4. Its been a long time since I was nauseated and I am vomiting today.
    5. I am very hormonal.
    6. I sleep a lot.

    If you read my story I truly thank you. I know am a nurse and I will be seeing a gyno soon, but moms probably know best here.

    Any input is appreciated until I can get more reliable testing done at an office. Please let me know if you have any experience or experiences like mine and what the outcome was. Also, should I take a OTC test or just wait?

    Thank you so much!

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