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Possible pregnancy occurring??

Possible pregnancy occurring??

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  • Reanandtrue1 12-25-14 | 01:21 PM
  • So I am a mother of two and I am currently trying to conceive. My LMP was 9December 2014. I started taking the mini pill 14December and my partner and I were active this day. I ovulated somewhere in between 17-21December. Somewhere around 16-17December I went to the bathroom and cervical mucas was really thin like egg white and stringy. I also wiped a strip of light brown mucas. I had intercourse again on the 20December. I took 2 jolivette mini pills and missed a day took another two and missed a day starting 14December and I will continue today with another mini pill. I have been experiencing mild abdomen cramps that are noticeable and shooters in the right breast and my limbs feel sluggish and weak. Sometimes hard to lift my arm without it getting tired. I did feel a pinch around the 17th as well. What do you think the odds of a pregnancy here? I used the same mini pill a while back and I got pregnant immediately and didnt realize it until I felt like I was crazy.