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pregnancy test sensitivity levels

pregnancy test sensitivity levels

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  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-21-06 | 09:27 AM
  • Did you know that some pregnancy tests aren't as sensitive as others? Well, after my BFN this morning and my still high hopes with no AF in sight, I did some research. I know what kinds of tests I'm gonna buy later!!!

    Pregnancy Test Sensitivity Chart

    Sensitivities checked with manufacturers in February 2005
    Test NameLowest hCG detected
    AimStick Pregnancy Test Strip20 mIU
    AccuHome Midstream Pregnancy Test25 mIU
    Answer Early Result Pregnancy Test25 mIU
    Answer Pregnancy Test (Cup)25 mIU
    Clearblue +/-25 mIU
    Confirm 1-Step Pregnancy Test25 mIU
    Equate Pregnancy Test25 mIU
    First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test25 mIU
    One Step Be Sure Pregnancy Test25 mIU
    Precise Pregnancy Test (doctors office)25 mIU
    Quickview Pregnancy Test (doctors office)25 mIU
    Walgreen Digital25 mIU
    e.p.t. Home Pregnancy Test
    [SIZE=1]1 line = Not Pregnant 2 lines = Pregnant[/SIZE]
    40 mIU
    e.p.t. Certainty Digital Test40 mIU
    Fact Plus Pregnancy Test40 mIU
    Clearblue Digital50 mIU
    CVS Cartridge Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    CVS Midstream Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    Dollar Store Brand Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    PROOF POSITIVE! Personal Home Pregnancy Test
    [SIZE=1]Found at the Dollar Store and 99 Cents Stores[/SIZE]
    50 mIU
    Drug Emporium Brand Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    e.p.t. + / - Test50 mIU
    early Pregnancy test50 mIU
    RiteAid Brand Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    Target Brand Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    WalMart Brand Pregnancy Test50 mIU
    Walgreens Pregnancy Test100 mIU

    -- Thought this might help you all!
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 09-21-06 | 10:01 AM
  • Awesome research! I am shocked to see how far down on the list
    the clear blue digital tests are! The advertise 4 days sooner like first response!
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 09-22-06 | 06:43 PM
  • wow..great info! I used ept this morning..pretty far down on the list
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 02-26-07 | 10:33 AM

    Sarah!!! You're the best!!!