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Question About PCOS

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  • TeresaRenee TeresaRenee's Avatar 09-22-06 | 07:14 PM
  • Hi. I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I thought that I would try. I have been trying to get pregnant for probably about 6 months now, with no success. I have never had problems getting pg so this is very frustrating. I have noticed that the past periods have been very painful to the point where even walking hurts. The pain would be in my lover ab and I swear my ovaries. it would last for a couple of days, mostly the heavy days of my period. This has gone on for at least the last 4 months and then last month my period lasted about 10 days, and I have not yet started this month. (I started on the 17th last month.) I took 2 pg test and both were bfn. I don't know what I should do. Should I call my doc and have her check me out? I hope maybe someone can advise me.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Janine Janine's Avatar 09-22-06 | 07:48 PM
  • That would almost sound more like endometriosis than PCOS. But the two do go hand in hand. I would get checked out just to find out. If nothing else mabe you can get something to relieve the pain.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-22-06 | 09:50 PM
  • I agree!!! I would go to the docs and have it checked out!
    I'm in the same boat -- got pg pretty easily (1-2 months trying only) with each of my boys and now it seems like I may need my own system overhaul or miracle.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 09-23-06 | 08:33 AM
  • that does sound like endometriosis! I have both endo and pcos and the pain during your period sounds like endometriosis to me. I would call the doctor if the pain is that bad. good luck
  • TeresaRenee TeresaRenee's Avatar 09-23-06 | 09:23 AM
  • Thanks for all the info. The pain during my period has seemed to decrease, it's wasn't as bad last month as it was 2 months ago. So I don' t know if it is just different each period or what. Anyway, can anyone tell me what does the doc do to diagnose these problems, and what are some of the treatments?



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