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Question: please Help

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  • Tay315 06-29-06 | 11:50 PM
  • [SIZE=2]Hi, My boyfriend had call me and asked me was I having any morning sickness and I said no but my stomach has been hurting, well he told that he having them. I have been getting more tired than I usually do, but I want to know why is this happening? We trying for a baby for a while and I don't know may be it finally happen, but I won't know until next week. I want to know when is it best to take a pregnancy test or how early can you take it?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Thanks in advance[/SIZE]
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 06-30-06 | 12:27 AM
  • Being tired IS a pregnancy symptom... but it doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant!

    The best time to take a pregnancy test is a few days after you were SUPPOSED to get your period.

    The test looks for a pregnancy hormone in your urine which builds up each day you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, you should have enough hormones in your urine by the time your period is a few days late. If you take the test earlier... you may get a false result (and waste your money).

    Other advice... buy an Ovulation predictor (available in drug stores) to determine the best days in the month for you and your boyfriend to "try" to get pregnant!!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 06-30-06 | 04:39 PM
  • unfortunately pms and pg have some of the same symptoms!! The best time to test is after you af but you can buy some test that may read the HCG hormone up to 5 day’s before your af but I’m not sure how accurate they are. Good Luck keep us updated!
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 06-30-06 | 10:21 PM
  • First response lets you test up to 4 days before your period. i've had good results with it. Just remember that if you test early and get a negative, you can't really be sure it's a negative until your period starts.Some peopl enever produce enoug of teh hormone to register on those tests and they need a blood test to determine pregnancy. I think those can be done even earlier, but I am unsure of the time frame on those.
  • Spencersmom Spencersmom's Avatar 06-30-06 | 11:02 PM

    First response is the one I'd recommend for an early test, if you get a negative, retest, if you still have no AF by period DD, get a beta done,