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  • Lmdv07 06-22-17 | 07:00 PM
  • Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as I have had thus far TTC...
    I just got married 2 months ago exactly and we wanted to start a family right away. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on may 1st, and my period was due anywhere between Friday May 12th and Sunday May 14th. (Tracking my cycles for at least 6 months previously I was always 28-30 days consistently) I was hoping to get pregnant right away and I had started to have breast soreness by mid-week that week. However, tests were negative on Friday and Sunday, and Sunday night I had some cramping that felt like period cramps, but I
    had no bleeding or even spotting. Hubby wanted me to wait a bit longer so by Thursday May 18th, it was a fairly faint line but I had a positive!! I couldn't believe it and I was so happy!
    I saw the doctor the next Wednesday (may 24th) bc I continued to have mild cramps on and off. He wouldn't do an ultrasound bc I was only 5 weeks 6 days based on LMP but they did draw labs to check HCG levels. He said we can recheck the levels on Friday. However, that Thursday night at 6 weeks I started to have bad cramping again and started bleeding and cramping like a period, which got worse overnight. So sadly I had a miscarriage. The miscarriage was mostly like a regular period and bleeding only lasted 5 days.. although I do think I passed a bit of tissue on Friday after I had a vaginal ultrasound done to check for ectopic.

    Anyways, my doc said to wait at least a month before TTC again, but the more I thought and prayed about it, and when I knew I was close to ovulating again I just couldn't do it... I convinced hubby and we started trying again 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Anyways given that may 25 was not necessarily a period but when my miscarriage started, I'm not really sure when my next period would be due or know for sure when I ovulated. I do think I was having some egg white cervical mucous 2 weeks ago Friday which is when I talked to hubby about trying again.

    Anyways, this past week starting 3 days ago, my boobs started to get really sore, which I never have with pms, only when I was pregnant the first time. I think I've also had some sticky white discharge and been tired and a bit nauseous. However, I've been testing and gotten all negatives, even with first response kit.

    Anyways, all that to say, when do you think I shou
    ld try to test again? If my cycle is 30 days, my period would be due definitely by Saturday.. but last time it took 4 days past when my period was due before I got a positive result. I do have PCOS too which might make timing a little hard to know..
    Also, has anyone with an early miscarriage went back to TTC right away like me? And anyone else have boob pain really early and ended up being pregnant? Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated! I'm praying so hard that God would bless us with a rainbow baby, and I pray the same for yall too!