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she's messing with my plan!

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  • 3Princes 07-03-08 | 12:08 PM
  • I just posted this... I don't see it got moved or anything, so sorry if it's somewhere else!

    is messing with my plan! I was spotting this pink stuff (tmi) and then brown last night and then this morning there was a little brown and now... nothing! Where the he!! is she now? I have my pap this pm so hopefully she can solve the mystery??? I am sooooo annoyed because I am supposed to have my hsg a certain cd, and it's already scheduledas if cd1 was yesterday!
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 07-03-08 | 12:27 PM
  • awe i am so sorry if she showed up for ya but now you can get a clean slate and start fresh right? hope ing you get a BFP next month if thats what your lookin for!!!!
  • 3Princes 07-03-08 | 12:28 PM
  • No.... it's gone now! Not even spotting. What the he!! ?
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 07-03-08 | 12:53 PM
  • that is frustrating. I hope she shows up soon!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 07-03-08 | 02:28 PM
  • Try a preg test?