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Something about infertility

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  • Shanell 11-08-17 | 09:32 AM
  • Hi Alisa. I am very happy with your pregnancy. Finally, your dream is going to come true. You will now become a mother very soon. Infertility treatments have made the life easier. Infertility treatments and procedures have given people new hope. Many people have started preferring infertility treatments. I am shocked to know that the ratio of infertility is so high. I have had my baby through one of the medical procedure. I have my baby through surrogacy. I agree that procedures like surrogacy are expensive. However, the result of surrogacy is fruitful. I don’t think that medical procedures to have a baby are emotionally exhausting. I have experienced it too. I did not find it emotionally exhausting. I was very excited to have my baby through surrogacy.
  • Kemberly 11-08-17 | 09:40 AM
  • Hey Alisa! You have defined the term infertility in a very easy and proper way. I agree with you that almost 20% of the women in the world are facing different problems related to infertility. There are a lot of ways for infertile women to have their own children like any medication or any reproductive program. You are very lucky that the medication worked for you and you are pregnant now. Stay healthy and focus on your baby as well. All these procedures to have a baby are truly expensive and a lot of women don’t go for it because of this reason. But I think surrogacy is a process that can help every woman. Although the many of the clinic that offer surrogacy are very expensive there is a clinic about which I read on a blog related to infertility. I don’t remember the name of the clinic and its location but I sure do remember the services of the clinic. Because it was the services that kept me going to read the whole blog. The clinic provides free accommodation, transport, and food for their parents until they are at the Centre for the process. The clinic will have a few tests to make you're about your disease and you are not able to get pregnant. Then they will have a contract signed with you that will have all the requirements and details of the process. The best thing about the clinic is the offers that it provides for the payments. Anyone can choose the payment condition according to your wealth condition.
  • Candelaria 11-08-17 | 09:49 AM
  • Hi Alisa! I am very glad to know that you are pregnant. It will be good that if you share all the details about your treatment so that it can help all the infertile women who visit this forum in search of any help. Nowadays the treatment for infertility has really become very expensive and it is not within the reach of every infertile woman. You had enough string financial status to bear all the treatment expense and got out of your problems. Whereas, a lot of women are struggling with their financial status as well as their problems. Still, there is a reproductive program that can help the infertile women to full fill their dreams of having their own children. It is known as surrogacy. You might have heard of it. I just want to convey the information about the process through your post to tell other women about it. Surrogacy allows you to have your own child by just donating your eggs and your husband’s sperm. It is not even a problem because the clinic will arrange an egg donor for you if you are not able to donate eggs. Then the clinic will find a surrogate mother for you to carry your child. There are some clinics that are not expensive and any infertile women can plan for surrogacy by doing a bit savings and then have a baby.
  • TheresiaCreamer 11-08-17 | 10:00 AM
  • Thank GOD! Finally, I have read a post full of joy. I was so stressed due to the treatment of my heart disease and by reading all the upsetting posts on the forum. Your post made me smile for a while when I read about the success of your medication. That’s really a great achievement. Very few infertile ladies get cured with the help of medication. Indeed, the medications are very expensive and difficult to have at this time but still, we should never lose hope. I just want to convey a message to all the ladies here who are waiting for some suggestion and help to deal with their situation. You ladies don’t need to worry. You still can have your own family with the help of surrogacy. It is a very reliable offer. You will be able to feel your baby in your hands quickly and easily just through surrogacy. You just need to contact a clinic and send your documents to them so that they can review your case for further consultation and procedure. The moment your case your case is accepted, you will get a call from the clinic to visit them and then they will start the procedure for you. You will have to make a few visits to the clinic and pay the payment in the end. The rest of the requirements will be taken care of by the clinic. I again congratulate you on having your baby soon. Take good care of yourself.
  • BelkisOcasio 11-08-17 | 10:06 AM
  • "Thanks for sharing the statistics of infertile women around the women. This is such a sad news.

    You mentioned you are pregnant now because of some treatment? What was that treatment? Did you select some kind of an alternative? I hear Surrogacy and IVF are popular these days. Was it one of these two? Most importantly, please do let me know how much it costs… the whole process. I’m TTC for 2 and a half years now. My husband and I are so depressed. We are thinking of Surrogacy but I’ve heard the clinics in the US cost an arm and a leg. We are middle-class family and can’t afford top dollars you know. Please share the facts. Good luck with your pregnancy!

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