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Are sperm donors anonymous?

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  • Anari 09-05-17 | 07:41 AM
  • Tell me please, if a man has reproductive problems. Will need a donor of sperm, a man agrees. But, what will happen in the future, will not a man consider a child a stranger if the sperm is not his, but the donor? Who faced this situation? The fact is that this is a difficult matter from a moral point of view, but I hope that if the husband initially agreed, he will not change his decision. Tell me please, and when choosing a donor of sperm, give a look at donor tests or a photo? It's so interesting how donors look or is it all anonymous? I just have so many questions that I can not find answers to, but we are soon going to the clinic.
  • el123 11-16-18 | 12:45 PM
  • The fact is that no one can answer your question. We do not know your husband and his character. If he agreed, he would probably love this child. But it seems to me that you need to talk with him again. Only you can understand whether he is ready for it or not. Not every man is able to agree to this. Many men, in such a case, prefer to live without children. But, I hope your husband is an exception. I wish you happiness.