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story of iui

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  • el123 12-01-17 | 06:45 AM
  • I had Polycystic Ovaries, a small amount of endometriosis and a heart shaped uterus (septum in uterus). I had corrective exploratory surgery to correct these issues at another facility. However, we never really felt comfortable there from the start and just figured out options were limited.
    An old friend had referred us to the biotexcom and we were extremely glad he did. From the first moment there, we were at ease that we were in good hands.
    The most important thing is that I felt comfortable from the minute she walked in. Meeting the doctor was pure delight compared to what we were used to. And she showed true compassion and sympathy for our situation.
    Doctor allowed us to move at our own pace and let us choose our own options. She worked with us on the drug choices to see which would be covered by insurance. Which had the highest success rate and what procedures we felt comfortable using, along with the associated risks/complications/advantages. She was extremely thorough in her descriptions and showed us a complete array of unbiased choices. We never once felt compelled or pushed in one direction or the other.
    We chose to go IUI or Intrauterine Insemination the first go-round. This was one of the cheaper options and yielded pretty good success in younger women hoping to conceive. The risk of multiple pregnancies was explained to us and we hoped for the best. I was closely monitored. Every other day to see how the follicles were coming along and to estimate approximately how many eggs would be released. If there are too many, they notify you. If you are not ready, they will also let you know. The procedure is fairly quick and easy. After taking a semen collection, they filter it out and clean it up. They explain the entire procedure to you, but the important thing to note is they collect the most motile and active swimmers. (We are yet to see if that will promote a motile and active child!). Once that procedure is completed 1.5-2 hours, they inject the semen into uterus in hopes of introducing the sperm with the egg. This is a painless procedure and the rest is left up to Mother Nature. This is an emotional time for a couple or mother-to-be to experience. We were so hopeful and the team at the clinic only encouraged and supported our hope. They made us feel like they really cared and hoped the procedure would work out as well. Not once did they say “don’t get your hopes up” or “more often than not, this does not work.” They were completely encouraging and helpful to honestly answer any questions asked. We truly believe that attitude plays a tremendous role in the outcome of what happens in your body. With the nurse’s and doctor’s constant encouragement, we feel it gave us the push we needed to stay positive and conceive.
    We are happy to report that after one procedure, we were blessed with the gift of life growing inside womb. While I know this could have taken a couple of tries, and in some cases, many years before it actually takes, I do believe that the support and reassurance given to us by our doctor remained a huge factor in the process. For this, we are forever thankful.
    Those who are going through any type of procedure, and speaking from personal experience; be patient. It is normal to feel anxious, sad, let down, broken, dismayed, frustrated, but if you cannot hold on to hope, there will most likely be no hope for you. It sounds a bit like a cliché, but I can attest to the power of positive thinking and having the friendly support of a staff who seems to share the same belief.

    Be prepared for a journey and try to make the most of it. I say when life hands you lemons, you should make some lemonade and enjoy it.
  • Anari 12-01-17 | 06:52 AM
  • Oh dear, your last phrase is simply gorgeous! "I say when life hands you lemons, you should make some lemonade and enjoy it." I think it will be my motto for life! I'm sorry that you had such diagnoses. But on the other hand, I admire you. You did not give up, and you had a successful first attempt. It's just wonderful, your story is an inspiration to me.
  • el123 12-01-17 | 06:57 AM
  • Hi Anari, I'm glad that inspired you). I am very pleased to hear from you pleasant words and compliments. And I'm pleased that my post was awarded the attention of other participants of the forum. Yes, it's a wonderful phrase, I think we should always remember these words. Of course, sometimes it's hard for us to understand "how to turn a lemon into a lemonade." Especially when it comes to difficult life situations. But still, these words help to go forward.
  • arika 12-01-17 | 09:55 AM
  • Hello girls, hello El123, we also were in this clinic.
    I can tell our story.

    My husband and I had many unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments including clomid and IUI over a span of three and one-half years. We agreed that if this round doesn’t work, that would be it for us. We couldn’t physically, emotionally, or financially endure the same negative results anymore.
    Doctor said that I should proceed with the IVF. He referred me to a very successful reproductive endocrinologist that he refers all of his IVF patients. I was able to schedule my first appointment and we did our first round of IVF. At the retrieval they removed n5ne follicles and three days later we had three embryos transferred. 14 days after the transfer, I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive, but I didn’t want to get too excited until it was confirmed by the results of our blood work. Around 1 p.m. we got the call that would forever change our lives. I was FINALLY pregnant. It was what we had been waiting to hear for almost four years.
    I delivered a healthy baby boy at 10:07 am. At birth he weighed 6lbs 12.6 ounces and was 20.6 inches long. I can honestly tell you that every time I look into his eyes, I think of our doctors. Without them, we wouldn’t have been blessed with this miracle baby that we have always dreamed about. I will forever be grateful that I have been given this opportunity that had such positive results for our family.
  • nina257 12-07-17 | 03:35 AM
  • You are so right. Life is full of ups and downs. However, we need to remain positive. Giving up won't help. I am happy to hear you had such a good journey. I hope your luck holds out. Keep us updated.

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