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Struggling to become pregnant

Struggling to become pregnant

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  • Collen 01-31-18 | 08:18 AM
  • Hey everyone! My name is Collen and I am 27 years old. Due to high FSH and low AM by ovulation cycle is not properly formulated. Also, my menstrual cycle is not regular at all as well. the last time I got on my AF was months back. Now, I am really confused. I got married 6 months ago and my husband and I both want to have babies. I am nervous if this will affect my pregnancy.
  • jullia 01-31-18 | 09:40 AM
  • Hi there, You have just got married, so don't panic too much. irregular periods sometimes get fixed themselves by age having irregular periods is sometimes genetic and sometimes liked with hormonal imbalance. For reproductive women it's good that her hormones are balanced and periods are regular. you are producing high FSH which indicates that there must be problem with your ovulation, it can be improved by taking some medicines that will control or lower the production of FSH. Don’t worry you problem is not that big and is easily treatable. Just see se good doctor and follow their instructions. I am sureyou will be able to get pregnant within 3-4 months.
  • elliejohn 01-31-18 | 02:04 PM
  • Hi collen, imbalancing of hormones can effect your infertility but it's not the big issue. You can balance your hormones naturally by simple methods like eat enough healthy fats, limit the caffeine, avoid harmful chemicals, prioritize sleep, take your supplements wisely, exercise the right way, add useful herbs into your diet and stay away from tension. You will get pregnant soon, don't worry.
  • BeckyCruz 02-03-18 | 02:09 AM
  • Hey Collen! Imbalance hormones can affect your fertility, but Julia is right irregular periods can sometimes be genetically. Hormmones should be stable and regular periods are better for women who want to conceive a baby. I will suggest you to visit a fertility clinic. Because they can guide you best! Good Luck!
  • Collen 02-18-18 | 11:57 AM
  • Hey everyone thanks for replying it means a lot. A lot of you have been saying that it is a genetic thing, it actually is not. As I met my doctor and he said it a problem and he had put me on the 10-day course of Provera. As that would regulate my periods and in order to keep them that way I was supposed to take Clomid. I have been doing that since then, However, in between, I decided to go and visit a specialist. He did my ultrasound and showed me and my DH that I had fertilised eggs. I was so happy to see that after I told him my situation he personally advised that pills might work but there would be complications. He said we should rather opt for IVF so now I am confused again.

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