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  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 03-18-06 | 01:17 AM
  • You seem a bit quiet lately. Have you been busy doing something?
    Or is it rude of me to ask?
  • baby hungry 03-19-06 | 03:03 AM
  • lol.. it's not rude, it's funny. I have to say I haven't been busy in that department though.

    I have been teaching school. I haven't been back to school in a while because of that entire bad adoption experience. It was nice to go back. I have to admit it was a little stressful though. I kept looking around wondering who I was going to have to talk to next.

    My doctor wants us to do IUI's with injectables. We have a few meds left over from when we were lucky to do our IVF with them.

    How are you Amy? What have you been up to?
  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 03-19-06 | 12:30 PM
  • Life has taken a lot of turns lately for my family. DH was laid off in October. Found a job again fairly quickly, but was laid off again last month. He has another job, but the pay isn't the same. Just makes life harder.

    I have been recommended to teach cake decorating classes. I haven't taken the classes in several years, and although I decorate cakes for friends, I am not experienced in all the techniques. So, I have been trying to brush up on that stuff, plus learn how to teach these classes. It is a bit stressful only because I haven't done it before.

    I had surgery on my hand two weeks ago to remove a cyst, and even though it was a very very minor surgery, I still have to realize that my body needs to recover from it. Plus, I still have the stitches in.

    Next week I will be watching my friend's kids while she spends a week in Hawaii. I volunteered and am happy to do it, but it will be a busy week.

    Having said all those negative things though, my family is doing very well. Somehow with all the BS life has thrown at us lately, we have come together better as a couple. Don't really know how that worked, but I am happy it did. Although I would love to be pregnant and have a baby, I am doing OK without it. If I am blessed, I will be overjoyed. If not, my life will go on and it will be happy and fulfilling.

    Wish I had some meds for you, but I used mine up last year.

    time is coming up next week. Maybe we'll both be busy.
  • baby hungry 03-22-06 | 11:10 AM
  • Amy that sure sounds like you have had your share of stress! I am so sorry to hear about the job issue. I hope something better and more money comes along very soon.

    Cake decorating? I bet your fantastic at it. I just like to eat the cake, so am a little sloppy on the decorating part.


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