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Trouble Conceiving

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  • mblevins 03-07-06 | 02:48 PM
  • [SIZE=3][SIZE=4]Hello to all!![/SIZE]
    I am from Arkansas and no we aren't all hicks...well some of us are
    Also new to the message board thing. I am trying to conceiv baby #3. Any suggestions? We have been trying for over a year and I went to the dr he put me on metformin. So any one else any luck?

    [SIZE=5]Baby Dust To All!![/SIZE]
  • AmiKW AmiKW's Avatar 03-15-06 | 08:47 AM
  • Good luck to you!!! There are some girls here on Metformin, some combined with Clomid. I hope you get #3 soon!!!
  • Katran Katran's Avatar 03-15-06 | 11:12 AM
  • You did the right thing by going to your doctor. Hopefully the meds will work for you. Good luck! I'm sending lots of baby dust your way.
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 03-15-06 | 02:11 PM
  • Hi there
    If you're on Metformin then I'm guessing that you've been tested and found to have PCOS, diabetes or insulin resistance? What tests have you had?

    Diet plays a huge part in fertility. Things like caffeine and/or alcohol can have a huge effect on fertility. And if you're on metformin then watch your intake of carbohydrates, especially sugar.
    Oh and of course, drink plenty of water!

    I know it must seem hard because it sounds like you were blessed quite quickly with your other 2, but did you know that nutritionally it takes about 18 months to get back to your pre-pregnancy levels. Have a look at your diet and see if there's any ways that you can help your body to be at its best.

    I hope this helps, and once again
  • baby jenny 03-17-06 | 02:54 PM
  • my name is jenny i am 37 years old and my dh is 47 years old this our first marriage and hopefully our first child, we have been married 8 months and have been trying for 6 months, well my AF hasn't shown up yet and TTC this is so hard i hope its not too late for me, we really want to start a family i am so scared this won't happen for me

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