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Trying to conceive at 46. Help needed.

Trying to conceive at 46. Help needed.

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  • Courtneysmith8 09-24-17 | 12:29 PM
  • Hello everyone! I'm here in search of some good advice. I'm Courtney, 46 and no kids. I've been in different relationships. I was married 3 times and things didn't turn out so well then. I wasn't able to conceive even once. I thought that the reason was my male half. I never gave too much thought to it at that time. My 4th marriage is a successful one, I'm happy and my husband and I desperately want to start a family now. I was successful in conceiving last year but unfortunately that resulted in a miscarriage. I took the opinion of different doctors and according to them my uterus wall wasn't thick enough. Another pregnancy might give the same results as per the doctors. Now I'm worried and unsure about my family's future. Am I too late at 46? I would love to get advice.
  • magicunicorn 10-05-17 | 08:40 AM
  • Hi Courtneysmith8, welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing your story. We are in 2017 and these days women can be mothers even after 50s.
    Is there any solution for your condition?
    Which other advises are doctors giving you?
    If you really want to have a baby, you should go for it. Try all the possible options. Don't give up.
    You can also consider adoption or surrogacy if you cant do it by your own.
    There is always a chance.
    Good luck
  • EmmaLK 10-08-17 | 03:50 PM
  • Hi, Courtney. My baby was born when I was 44. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give birth. We tried IVF several times but it didn’t work. That’s why we decided to find the surrogate mother. We are not rich at all, so we had to go abroad to find the reproduction center we can afford. This service is too expensive in US. So we have chosen the one in Europe. If your eggs are still valid you can easily use the surrogacy. The baby will be genetically related to you. The surrogate mother is not related to the baby, by the way. You have nothing to worry about.
    First of all you should consult your gyno. Ask her/him what options you have. After all the recommendations choose the reproduction center to start the examination. The embryo will be transferred after the surrogate mother is chosen. Then you will have to wait for the result. It will take a couple of weeks. We received a call in 3 weeks. Our doctor said that the surrogate is pregnant. I have no words to explain how happy I was. But you know, my husband was even happier than me. We were waiting so long. And we got what we wanted!
    I think it is never late to become parents. If you are sure that you can be a good parent – why not? Do it! Go ahead! Every woman should become a mother. This is what we were born for. I wish you good luck, dear.

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