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Trying to conceive but unsucessful

Trying to conceive but unsucessful

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  • Indu01 01-16-16 | 10:25 AM
  • Hi...I had my miscarriage of 6 month baby before 1 told to keep gap of 6 month.....we are trying for baby for 6 months but each month hope turns into sadness. Meansturation had got irregular too. Before period I get frequent urge to pee....and I feel light pain in lower abdomen after little heavy work. Is it normal? Do I need a check up or I should wait for some time ahead ...please suggest...
  • Anari 09-05-17 | 07:57 AM
  • Hi, my sister also faced the same problem. After several unsuccessful attempts at IVF procedure, she lost hope. But from the IVF procedure her health became weaker and now she and her husband thought about the surrogate maternity. My sister lives in the US, here commercial surrogate motherhood is allowed in some states. But I agree with the above phrase - in the US it's really expensive. So they decided to look for such clinics in Europe. But here they were again disappointed, because in Europe - in almost all countries commercial surrogate motherhood is prohibited. My sister was completely upset, she had a very strong depression. She went to the therapist almost every day. In general, we decided that if she does not have a child, then she will go mad. We thought about the fact that they need to look for clinics abroad again. We thought that she could choose Russia or Ukraine. But it turned out that in Moscow clinics the cost of this service is also very expensive. My sister's family can not afford to spend that much money. In addition, commercial surrogate motherhood has been banned in Russia since January. Therefore, my sister's husband flew to Ukraine. He talked to lawyers, it turned out that Ukrainian legislation protects genetic parents. He decided to get acquainted with the prices for this service in Ukrainian clinics. In general, the cost of the service arranged it and he decided to fly to Ukraine already with my sister.
  • dazzyshahu 09-23-17 | 03:20 AM
  • Hi friend, I can understand your problem very easily because I also face miscarriage problem in my life just 2 year ago. I am filling sadness from bottom of my heart. It is right time to make appropriate planning to defeat miscarriage possibility in next pregnancy. You should not compromise with your health at any cost. You have to pay more in future with less care about your health. Today we are living in advance medical research based world where you can easily defeat miscarriage problem easily. I am one of the lucky women who defeat my miscarriage problem in easy and natural way.
    I am feeling happy to share my valuable suggestion with you to overcome miscarriage problem in your life. This is very horrible situation in life. It is not easy job to handle miscarriage problem without stress and depression. You should choose effective powerful yoga and meditation that help you to maintain your body and mind in balance to provide full relaxation. You can easily confuse with proper understanding the importance of real bonding with your partner to make collective effort. This is medical certified fact that it is very important to have six month gap after miscarriage problem. You should understand your body signal very well to maintain regular period cycle with high eggs quality that helps you to conceive effectively with high hemoglobin level in your blood. You should understand the importance of healthy lifestyle and balanced diet that is very important in this busy schedule life with less physical activity that create major infertility problem at early stage. You should start your planning with early morning walk and easy exercise as per your capacity to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system.
  • Kelly99 10-13-17 | 02:56 PM
  • Hello. I highly recommend you to visit your gyno. I'm not sure that someone on the net can solve your problem. You have to figure out the reason of your pains. It is very important. If you know the reason of the problem, you will find the solution faster. I regret that I spent so many years ttc. I wish I visited the fertility expert earlier. Anyway, I'm glad that we found out the reason of my infertility. I don't want to describe all of my diagnosis here. I just want to say that I was unable to give birth. But it didn't stop me. I have a great family now. My daughter was adopted and now we are expecting for a son from our surrogate. Hope my story helped you to calm down a little bit.
  • EmmaLK 11-05-17 | 04:45 PM
  • I also faced the problem of infertility, dear. Any pain is not normal. You definitely have to go to your doctor. I hope you already did it. I also hope that you are already pregnant. After miscarriage you have to be very careful. You have to listen to your body. If you really want to have kids, you have to listen to your doctor's recommendations. Follow all his/her tips.
    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give birth. But anyway I became a mother. I used the help of the surrogate mother. It was hard but amazing at the same time. I think it is very important not to give up. That's why I wish you to stay strong.

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