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TTC Success Stories....

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  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 10-11-07 | 07:48 PM
  • We're not currently ttc but wanted to add our story:

    We tried for 17mos to get pg with our first dd. About 1/2 way through I had a dr suggest that I had pcos but it was never followed up with any tests or anything. We did finally get pg using 50mg clomid. At our 4mos u/s we found out our baby girl would not survive and we lost her shortly after. We decided to start trying again 5mos later. We were sent to a specialist who actually diagnosed me with pcos and IR. After 5mos of ttc we got pg while on a break! Our dd is now turning 7 in one week! We decided to ttc again when Lauren turned 2. After 11 difficult months we got pg. It was on a random cycle that was very long...we ovulated on cd30 and we were able to get pg. Unfortunately, we m/c Alex at 9wks. Just a few months later we decided to ttc again and again we went to the specialist. This time we did repronex injections (my miracle drug!) and on our 2nd try we got pg! Our son is now turning 3 in Jan!! We are so incredibly fortunate that we were blessed with two beautiful children. It was a dificult road, but well worth traveling!
  • baby hungry 10-29-07 | 02:48 AM
  • After 10 long years my dream of being a Mom came true.

    Our doctors were never really able to find a reason for our infertility. They thought it was from dna fragmentation in dh's sperm. We were able to repair that with several antioxidants and still did not get pregnant.

    We were blessed to try 12 cycles of clomid, 11 IUI's (some with clomid others with injectables) and one IVF. I say blessed because really there are many couples who never have the chance to try infertility treatments.

    After many prayers, we opened our hearts to adoption. We experienced two failed adoptions (both that I am ironically thankful for) before finally finding our daughter.

    Today I am incredibly blessed to be the Mom of the most amazing little girl. She is my heart. I am so thankful that we had all of those failures so that I could have her in my life. I would do it all again x 20 years if I knew she was at the end of the road.

    I recently saw a lecture where the man said, "the brick walls that are in our way are not there to keep us out, they are there to show us how much we want it."

    Hold on to your dream, keep fighting, fight hard, and trust that God truly does have your miracle ahead.

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  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 11-10-07 | 04:05 PM
  • susanne that is so beautiful
  • Mary-Ellen Mary-Ellen's Avatar 02-28-08 | 03:03 PM
  • This thread is such a great idea because like many of the ladies here, reading success stories was what kept me going. I came to this exact thread daily (sometimes more) when I was TTC. I sooo needed to be around people who understood what I was experiencing. Here is my story...

    Sept 2001 - I came off the BCP as we thought whatever happens, happens. We did not prevent and we had it often
    Jan 2003 - I asked to be referred to a specialist. We had to wait 8months for an appt.
    Feb 2004 - I had the laparoscopy & hysteroscopy to view my Bicornuate uterus better and rule out a septum. He also discovered some endometriosis and earlier found I had a very high prolactin level. I went on meds for the prolactin level. They could do nothing much about the uterus. We tried some clomid and IUI with no luck.
    Sept 2004 - We did a cyle of IVF and transfered one fresh embryo and froze 5. This was unsuccessful

    We tried 4 frozen transfers and they did not take either, we tried them one by one. Talk about dissapointment! I was depressed and fresh out of hope.
    Sept 2005 - We went on a much needed relaxing vacation down south. We had decided we were done trying on our own and were thinking of trying the surrogate route. (I was so lucky to have a sister who wanted to do this for us)
    Jan 2006 - We saw our Dr. and he talked us into trying one more cycle of IVF as he said our embryos were healthy. He suggested using IVIG as he suspected we had implantaion problems due to immune issues.
    My husband pushed me to try one more time. I was hesitant...I wondered if I could do it all again, the meds the expense? Could I handle the failures again?
    But I guess I wasn't ready to quit just yet. We went for it. We transfered one fresh embryo.
    Feb 2006 - Finally a Positive and we were pg. I couldn't beleive it. I was in shock. My husband got the call and all the ladies/nurses in the clinic yelled into the phone to him at once "congratulations!" It was a great day. One that would have never happend if we had given up when we considered it after all our challenges and dissapointments.
    Oct 2006 -
    A healthy baby girl!

    I consider myself very blessed to have a child through IVF as I know many don't have the option to even try IVF due to the expense or the waiting list ect... I pray that you all have your dreams become a reality, that you get to hold your child in your arms one day (however it may happen ie..through assistance, adoption, fostering or naturally..)
    I wish you all the best.

    p.s thanks to all the ladies over the years for the support!


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  • jo_will jo_will's Avatar 03-20-08 | 11:15 PM
  • I also used to visit these boards during my ttc days and want to share my story. I knew that dh had low count and low motility before we got married and was not too worried about it out of sheer ignoranance. We decided to go the di route. I did 1 home insemination, 4 iuis with clomid and 8 injectibles, all bfns. After the last IUI I was completely discouraged, stopped all treatements and took 2 years off without any plans to return to ttc. After 2 years we decided to go all out and went to a different clinic (mcgill repro) and purchased a 3 ivf package. We did the first ivf and my egg growth was not good. Also it was becoming increasingly difficult to draw blood, sometimes taking 2 hours and as many as 15 attempts. Anyway, the nurse called me to tell me that my e2 number was dropping and I would need to do a retrieval. She told me that that with a 1 try I would be able to cancel and get some money back but with the 3 attempts package that was not possible and I should probably go ahead with the retrieval although I only had 3 eggs and probably the quality would be so poor that they will fertilize. We decided to go ahead with it and use dh's sperm since it was such a long shot anyways. They retrieved 9 eggs and 7 fertilized. However during the retrieval I had severe bleeding and my blood test (blood taken from my foot because they could not get it elsewhere) showed weird results. The RE called me to tell me that the head hematologist cancelled my transfer and that the embryos needed to be fozen. I was completely devastated. I was diagnosed with ITP, a auto immune disease that causes my body to destroy platelets and which is agravated by pregnancy. It took me several IVIGs and being on serious dosages of prednisone to bring my blood level to normal but my hematologist still would not hear of a transfer and I needed her goahead for the IVF department. The nurses told me about this other hematologist who gives the patients whatever they want. I waited for my hematologist to go on vacation, went to see this other doctor who indeed gave me the goahead. They did the transfer and the day of the transfer my platelets were 230. 13 days later the day of my positive (could hardly believe it!) beta my platelets were 12, a very dangerous level and I was hospitalized. My entire pregnancy I spent at least 8 hours per week on IV, dealt with a hematologist who was so furious for what I had pulled that would not speak to me until the very end and took 100 mg of prednisone per day. I managed to work until the very end through it all and my daughter was born healthy and perfect in every way. My body gave out at the very end and I went into a coma for 2 days right after the delivery. 10 minutes after waking up from coma I met my beautiful daughter and declared to dh that I was ready to do it all over again. I dealt with 6 years of IF, auto immune disease, massive dosages of prednisone, being stuck on IVs for 8-16 hours per week, a doctor who told me I would die during pregnancy or delivery and the best case scenario would be a hysterectomy, another doctor that worried about abnormal fetal growth ... today my daughter and I are happy and healthy.

    Good luck to all of you TTC, may you be writing your own success story soon.