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  • two_for_jesus two_for_jesus's Avatar 04-04-08 | 09:57 AM
  • Hey. It has been months since I have been on here. I was just getting so depressed. DH and I had been trying since February of 06 to get pregnant to no avail. My doctor put us on Clomid in 07. He started me out at 50 mgs. and when they didn't even make me have periods on my own he upped me to 100 mgs. We were on Clomid for about 6 months or longer and I'll be honest, I just quit really trying. I was so upset b/c we hadn't gotten pregnant and so many of my friends were pregnant that I just got to the point were I didn't care if we tried or not. I was so depressed all the time, it was all that I talked about or even thought about. Then on February the 10th of 08 it was my day 35 and I still hadn't started my period. My husband and I were in Wal-Mart on the night before I just picked up a little generic $3.00 PT just to be safe. So Sunday morning rolled around and I peed on the stick and just sat it on the counter. I didn't think anything about it b/c I just knew that it hadn't happened again. We have a little night-light in our bathroom so we can see during the middle of the night and that's all that was on when I got up that morning. I looked at the PT on the counter and thought, "there's no way that's right". I had seen a plus sign. So, I put on my glasses and turned on the light and sure enough, there it was, a bright pink plus sign. I pushed open the door and said, honey, i think we're pregnant and we both just went crazy. we took 2 more PTs that day to make sure and they all said Pregnant!! So, we followed it up with a DR. appt. and we're due on October 13th!!! It just seems so unreal. I'm already 3 months pregnant. I just can't believe that I'm really pregnant. So, I'm living proof that just when you think that all hope is gone...Poof! God blesses you with the most beautiful gift ever!
Thank you two_for_jesus!
stephwit2 (04-22-11)
  • Sharil Sharil's Avatar 05-06-08 | 04:43 PM
  • HI Ladies My name is Jennifer people call me Jeni. My DH and i have been married for 15 years we have one child that was from a previous relationship of mine that is 19 years old and a daughter who is 22 months and I am now pregnant with our third child and due in Nov. My DH and i tried for 12 years we didnt do any fertility or anything like that cause we just werent able to afford it. We had decided it was up to god wether we got pregnant or not we never used protection except when i had problems with Amenoria and needed to have a period because i was getting ill. Well finally we just gave up in 2004 when we found out we were going to be grandparents and just enjoy our grandchild. Six months after our granddaughter was born i became pregnant and we found out in Nov of 2005 we were expecting it came as a HUGE shock after so long of trying and just finally giving up. When i went to see my ob he told me he sees that happen a lot. We now have our beautiful daughter Krystal and are pregnant again with our third. Good luck to all of you and may god bless you with the most wonderful gift there is.
Thank you Sharil!
stephwit2 (04-22-11)
  • bheulitt bheulitt's Avatar 03-31-11 | 01:00 AM
  • Hi my name is Brandy(29). DH and I had tried for years to have a baby with no success. pregnant yes, but carrying to term, no. We had 3 losses, 2 early in the pg and 1 our daughter born still in 2007 at 27 weeks. We decided to ttc again for our earth baby. Come to find out in 2007, we both suffered from fertility issues. DH's sperm was tested and he had low motility, low count, and abnormal ones also. For me, the dr. found out that I may O 6 months out of the year instead of the full 12. So we began to ttc again after my daughter and I had finally gave up and was just so worn that I needed a break from the clomid and just living, breathing ttc. It was then that DH and I conceived our son Preston. To my surprise I decided one night to take a pg test and it came back positive. I couldn't believe it. So to make a long story short, our son Preston was born May 7, 2009 at 31 weeks because I had developed severe pre-e to the point we almost lost him weighing 2lbs 10ozs. Now he is almost 2 yrs old and no one ever believes that he was a premature birth. Miracles do happen, you just have to keep you head held high and no matter what DON'T GIVE UP!
Thank you bheulitt!
stephwit2 (04-22-11)
  • stephwit2 stephwit2's Avatar 04-22-11 | 01:37 PM
  • this truely gives me hope.. but i can't complain cause we're TTC#4 and i feel like i'm being selfish, because we can't have one and there are worse cases then mind...

    God Bless you All & baby dust if TTC!
  • babywishes 04-26-11 | 09:09 PM
  • Hi everyone! I have often looked at these message boards, but finally decided to join in & talk to others who understand...

    My husband & I have been trying for 22 months. I went off bc in Dec. 2008. In July 2009 we started actively trying to conceive. 8 months later still nothing. I asked my doctor and she suggested visiting a OBGYN. Going to him became very frustrating, I felt like the Dr. didn't spend much time with me, just told me to try different things, meds etc. After 9 months of medications and trying I contacted a fertility specialist. He suspected endometriosis this first appointment I had. He ran a couple tests, did an ultrasound and low and behold, my insides were full of cysts, scar tissue & fluid. I was scheduled for surgery the next week. The surgery proved that it was severe/extreme endometriosis.

    I had surgery almost 2 months ago & I'm trying to be patient. Dr. said that my best chances are withing 6-12 months before it starts to grow back. I had my checkup & the doctor said that we would try naturally for 3 months, after that I would have to try IUI for 3 months & if still unsuccessful I would need to start with Invitro.

    I am struggling with impatience & the feeling of the clock ticking. I have wanted a baby all my life & waited until I was married and it was a good time. Now I am just becoming depressed and tired of the waiting.

    Does anyone else have success stories with endometriosis? Thanks for all stories & advice! Good luck to everyone out there!

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