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  • Kayla Kayla's Avatar 09-20-13 | 11:09 PM
  • I can't tell you how very important the group was to me about 11 years ago! I also can't put into words how much my life has changed. At one point I felt like I lived here. I came back on my birthday after a message and felt compelled to add something...

    I am a single mom. I used donor ICI. I tried for 8 cycles and some fertility meds. After cycle 6, I received a call from my local foster care agency. They had a baby--7 1/2 months, but a baby that the thought may need to be adopted down the road. How blessed was I?
    2002 Katy moved in 11 years ago tonight.

    I continued to ttc as I didn't want to take a chance that I wouldn't be able to adopt and I'd miss that window. Cycle 8--
    2003--Cole's double digits this does that happen?

    Tonight as I take a moment to share a spark that this can happen for you and people will be here for you, I also think of all the friends I had here and how we laughed, cried and loved. May we all find happiness!
  • Danielle1112 01-30-15 | 12:40 AM
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  • mariee 04-30-16 | 11:01 AM
  • I was suppose to go back for my shot (DEPO) on january but I didn't on March I got on the NUVARING and took it of on April 1 and had unprotected sex on April 29 what are my chances of getting pregnant I know its early but I'm just wonderin .
  • marian7869 08-04-16 | 10:06 PM
  • I was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve and very bad prognosis of having a baby with my own eggs. I was even given the option to consider donor eggs. That was around july 2014. I was absolutely devastated with the news and I arranged an IVF for November 2014 and it failed also, given that I had nothing to lose, I contacted on facebook (Oduduwa Ajakaye) and he send me his herbal product,. Believe it or not… I am already pregnant!
  • sara098 01-31-18 | 01:06 PM
  • Hello evergreen ladies. I was 22 when I gave birth to my son. my husband has low sperm count so it was difficult to conceive it took the docs 3 years to even test that. have age on our side with regards to the doctors as they didn't want to know with us said we were young and it with eventually made me so upset every month being late taking test and them being negative and the doctor not wanting to know. we eventually conceived naturally, we got married then 6 weeks later I took a test because I was late and it was positive, I figured the wedding took my mind of trying to have a baby. I guess the stress of not being able to conceive had affected trying to have one. I think with the passage of time things going well.I advise those women who are on the journey of conceiving. don't give up hope though there are lots of other options out advice is to think positive and it will of luck hope things work out well for all ladies.

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