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  • N8S MOM N8S MOM's Avatar 12-27-04 | 09:36 AM
  • Dinner went well last night. We got to play with the boys a bit while they were getting dinner ready.

    I guess all I can really say is that we're back to where we started. They are still acting like they want this all to happen. They asked us about our neighborhood, the schools in our area, our tap water, and if we will use our basement as a play room for the boys. I told her that the basement was OUR play area - LOL! She then mentioned that we should call her during the week so we can set up a time for us to pick up the boys and take them out somewhere by ourselves (we're thinking on Wed.).

    Apparently the "situation" was that their daughter (the boys' mother) called early in the week saying she wanted to go into detox. So her father went to get her and drove her there. Unfortunately that didn't last long because she ended up checking herself out only 2 days later. I believe this is the 2nd time she has done this - and it may end up working in our favor.

    Their older daughter is in town visiting for the holidays and we didn't get a very warm reception from her - in fact, we didn't get any reception at all. She didn't say anything to us and quickly left as soon as we showed up. Grandma said that their oldest daughter isn't very happy about this situation. So I'm assuming she was angry, sad, or both.

    So, that's where we're at now - in the "getting to know you" phase. I'm sure it will take a while though. I'm not as excited about this whole thing as I was before, but I'm trying to stay positive. I just hate to get my heart broken all over again. So I guess all we can do now is take things slow and see where it ends up going.
  • Emery Emery's Avatar 12-27-04 | 09:48 AM

    Steph I've bee following your story and I hope things work out for you guys. It must be so hard on everyone involved.

    I'm glad the dinner went well.
  • Tiffanni Tiffanni's Avatar 12-27-04 | 11:45 AM
  • I had a feeling that this would happen. I am just worried that they whole time you are going through this they are going to be going back and forth in what they want. I hope that's not the case. Anyway, it's great great news and I am so happy that things are turning around. Happy New Year to you!!!!
  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 12-27-04 | 12:36 PM
  • I don't blame you at all for being guarded in your feelings. The mom messing up in rehab, as sad as it is, is most likely in your and the boys' best interests. Hang in there!
  • baby hungry 12-27-04 | 02:21 PM
  • I think being on your guard is the RIGHT thing to do! I just hope this couple has some idea of how bad you want to be a Mom, and how much your heart aches daily. Your putting yourself and all your dreams out to them, and I truly pray they realize that as this getting to know you time goes on.

    Good luck with your Wednesday visit.

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