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Update from Doctors Office

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  • Carriebear1977 Carriebear1977's Avatar 11-04-04 | 10:37 PM
  • Well Cant say Im too much of a happy camper today. Based on what my OBGYN tells me I have stage two endo and he wants to put me on depo lupron shots for six months and then advised me that once Im off shots for the six months the next three months after that is the prime time for me to try to have a baby. Then says if that doesnt work I should take up the referral to the specialist. Plus to add I have uterine fibroids blocking the fallopen tubes.

    Now its my understanding these shots basically put you in menopaus like symptoms, which obviously this will be no fun, Im not familiar with this type of treatment. And when I asked him what was the percentage rate of treating the endo and actually getting pregnant after this he couldnt give me the exact percentage and kind of side stepped my question.

    So Im kind of a ball of emotions and not really sure what to do as my healthcare provider has to approve the shots, has anyone had to go through these shots? whats it like ? if someone is willing to share with me their experience.

    Thanks for listening to my diaherra of the fingers as thoughts are a bit overwhelming and Im quite saddened at what a struggle its been for the past few years of not knowing whats wrong with me.......

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  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 11-05-04 | 07:52 AM
  • Carrie, my advice is to go straight to a fertility specialist/RE now. Your doc is probably right about the 6 months of lupron, because someone on the IVF board just finished that protocol. But, if you already know your fallopian tubes are blocked, you need a plan NOW.

    Hang in there.
  • KellyAnn KellyAnn's Avatar 11-05-04 | 08:32 AM
  • My advice is also to go to a specialist/RE now as well. I have Stage 3 Endo and have done a lot of research on this - you belong with a specilist who can thoroughly review you case especially with blocked tubes. The Lupron protocal is very controversial - go to a specialist and see what their recommendation is. Personally, I would not do the Lupron protocal unless it is recommended by an expert in this. Some people with Endo can conceive - your problem could be just the blocked tubes and not the Endo. Good Luck.
  • Carriebear1977 Carriebear1977's Avatar 11-05-04 | 10:42 AM
  • Thank you for your advice, I am thinking I should probably go too, The only problem is my healthcare provider only covers 100% diagnosis and not treatment of infertility. So..... Im in limbo as to what to do because I dont think much of anythings going to be covered under a specialist as it would with Obgyn, Im not sure... I think Im going to call my medical provider this morning and see what I need to do as far as coverage because I dont even think they will cover the shots even if I wanted to do that.

    To top things off when I got in the car from the doctors office I was in tears and, and my fiance turned and looked at me and said "are you happy with me? Do you still want to be with me, and all I can think about is why did you ask me this right now? I wanted to curl up and cry. Because I want everything to be the best with us and of course I know he wants a baby, and the thought of not being able to do that for us tears me up. I think my Fiance is feeling helpless because this is something he cant fix and it sucks. Sorry Im rampaging again, thanks ladies for being so supportive.
  • Celia_M 11-05-04 | 11:31 AM


    Thinking of you.

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