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Update on me / Questions?

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  • Celia_M 09-06-04 | 01:16 PM
  • Well having waited the 10days I was told to by the GP for an appt date to come through at the local hospital with the Ob/Gyn Infertility clinic and nothing appeared I chased round this morning to find out why..

    Turned out the fastest appointment at the NHS hospital was now November.

    They won't put me forward to have a lap in this area without first being seen. They won't put DH forward for his second SA without being seen. So we'd have been from May 5th to November effectively knowing what we need next, yet unable to progress, waiting to be put in a waiting list for what we've already been told we need to do next.


    So... with MIL encouraging me (
    I swear I have the best MIL!) I asked if possible to jump the gun with a private appt.. 30mins later our details had been faxed across to the Bupa at Elland, and we now have an appointment for next Tuesday 14th.. *hopefully* at 7.20pm (the last of the day) so that Dh won't even have to take any time off of work. (if they can't fill the appointments between 5 and 6.40 we'll have to go earlier)
    We also now get a whole 40 mins with the consultant himself.

    Everyones confirmed we can go back to NHS treatment after this appointment without any problems, or if the insurance we have will cover my lap

    we may be able to speed that up too. (This appointment isn't covered, but to me it's well worth the not to wait till November
    Now I just want to be sure that we're prepped up with any questions in advance
    so we don't walk out after 40mins and
    Especially as it's likely to be Nov / Dec before we'll see this guy again.. So if you guys have any suggestions.. I'm all ears



    Edward M.03/10/1998
    TTC #1 Since Feb 03.
    Dh SA no1 20% with 9% mobility.
    Me suspected Endo.
  • alla_pech 09-07-04 | 09:45 AM
  • First of all I am glad you have such a great relationship with your MIL(doesn't happen very often) I am glad you got an earlier appointment at least with the councellor.
    Are you going to be discussing IVF?
  • erinjj erinjj's Avatar 09-07-04 | 10:03 AM
  • That's great news Celia! Sounds like you have an awesome MIL.

    Let us know how your app't goes.
  • cat cat's Avatar 09-07-04 | 06:21 PM
  • Sounds like an excellent use of Bupa - just to leapfrog over that one nasty wait. Hope the appt goes well
  • Celia_M 09-08-04 | 12:37 PM
  • Quote
    Are you going to be discussing IVF?
    Back in May our previous hospital told us they felt IVF was our only realistic hope. This was based on Dh's 1st SA result (20% with 9% mobility), and their agreement with my doctor that I probably have Endo. They said that because of the level of AF pain I experience + Dh's SA result, rather than do any other tests first (ie ultrasound) they'd put me down for a Lap so they could see exactly what's going on inside me/check tubes etc/treat anything found all in one go so we could progress to IVF faster.
    Dh has had hormone & infection blood tests which came back as normal & clear.
    I've charted for four months with clear dips and rises, had 2x day 21 bloodtests to "confirm" that I O, and my cycles are regular 28/9 days. My AF pain was the original trigger for me going to my general doctor.
    So going to discuss with this new one :
    a) Dh having a second SA - how soon, where, protocol here for it.
    b) Proceeding with the Lap to confirm/treat/clarify my side of things.
    c) What he feels our best course of treatment is going to be..
    Does he agree with the Ob/gyn we saw in May that we would be wasting our time trying anything but IVF (assuming Dh's second SA comes back similiar) And if not.. what does he recommend as our course of treatment and why.
    Is IVF available on the NHS in this area atm, if so, how long a wait, how good a success rate, where is it done.
    If not available on NHS where are the centers around here (I know there's one in Leeds for sure) and which would he recommend, how much will it cost.
    d) What other tests/treatments do we need done first to be sure that we've got as clear a picture as possible of exactly what's stopping us from conceiving.

    Dh is being really positive atm, he's convinced himself his second SA will be much better, (I'm just worried how he'll react if it's not) and keeps saying to me *lots of couples get pregnant shortly after laps, we'll be like them...* I just don't want to feel rushed to IVF without feeling all stones have been turned over and examined and possibly even tried first kwim?

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