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At what age

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 02-16-06 | 09:34 PM
  • I'm 33 and I don't intend to give up until either I am blessed or the menopause, whichever is sooner.

    I agree the health risks increase with age and fertility starts to decrease after 35, but then my friend is 42 and has just had a beautiful healthy daughter through a healthy pregnancy after TTC for 6 months.

    I think people should give up when they feel ready to stop TTC, not when their birth certificate says so!
  • Katran Katran's Avatar 02-23-06 | 12:15 AM
  • While risks to both mother and baby do increase with age, modern medicine is performing some real miracles. Plus, women are healthier in general than they were even a generation or two ago, which tips the odds in favor of older mothers as well. I say you're only too old if your doctor says you are (and a second opinion doesn't hurt!) or if your body says you are (ie. menopause).

    Gook luck!
  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 02-23-06 | 10:58 AM
  • My 38th birthday is approaching. I always thought I'd stop by then, but I'm not ready to.

    As for the 58 year old, they weren't her eggs, so age didn't matter as much.
  • jendowl 03-05-06 | 04:06 PM
  • I had a baby at 35. She was my third, and I enjoy her so much more than my older ones!! There are a few more risks, but keep healthy and there are test you can take as well. The twins risk, I beleive is only for the fact that alot of people at this age trying, end up on some type of fertility treatment and that is where more twins pop up. But the age itself, I don't think has a thing to do with it.
  • cc15036 03-15-06 | 02:00 AM
  • I had my first child when I was 36 & my husband was 48. I am currently trying for a second child at 38. Just had miscarriage at 13 weeks 03/07/06. Going to try again. :-)

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