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  • Prettychick24 10-15-16 | 02:50 PM
  • So I had a miscarriage June30,2016 my last period was Aug.14,2016 now I'm spotting my lower back hurts every minute I'm vommiting everything my breast are tender pregnancy tests are coming back negative no blood work yet
    So one please help me
  • BelkisOcasio 11-10-17 | 05:50 PM
  • Sorry, honey! I just read your post :-(

    Can you please give us an update on if it all went well?
  • myrna 11-30-17 | 02:36 AM
  • Hello Preetychick. I wish you got well soon. Miscarriage is a huge loss. It is really hard for a mother to lose her baby. You need to be strong. Have you been TTC after your miscarriage? You should have given some time to your body. A body needs to be relaxed and heal after MC. Anyways, the situation is really confusing. Pain in lower back, tender breasts and vomiting are symptoms of pregnancy. However, your tests are negative. Which tests are you taking? Have you taken the blood test? If no, take that. It will show you an authentic result. You can also consult a doctor to have a better picture of what is actually happening.
  • margret3 11-30-17 | 04:48 AM
  • Hello PrettyChick! I know you are not doing well dear. And I am really sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is such a big pain for any mother. The unnatural birth cycle draining may start as light spotting and after that advance to a heavier stream with clusters following a couple of days. You may have some level of seeping for up to two weeks, in spite of the fact that it ought not stay overwhelming for that whole time. A short time later, you'll encounter gentle cramping for a day or two and light seeping for about seven days. After an unnatural birth cycle, the body recuperates rapidly. A lady will by and large ovulate two to a month after an unnatural birth cycle, with an ordinary menstrual period happening two weeks after ovulation. I suggest you to consult a doctor as your case seems exceptional.