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When did I Conceive?

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  • Quila 01-15-17 | 03:38 PM
  • I just got off birth control the implant in 8/20/16 so my period has been irregular. So I had a period on 11/8/16 for 4 days, on 11/25/16 I took a pregnancy test but it was unclear I think I wet it to much, on 12/7/16 my period can again I bleed for 4 days for 2 day I had medium bleeding and the last 2 was pink spotting. How is it possible for me to conceive on 12/7/16? When did I conceive?
  • DarlaSmallwood 04-22-17 | 06:02 AM
  • I suggest you to check once again for confirming your pregnancy. Otherwise check with a doctor.
  • Lisaclark123 08-17-17 | 05:43 AM
  • Hello friend welcome at this open online platform. I want to appreciate your courage to discuss your personal problem at this online platform. I am totally surprised to see that you are also facing the same problem like me. This is win-win situation for me to help you to overcome this difficult situation on behalf of my personal life experience. You should not lose hope at any cost. You can defeat infertility problem very easily.
    I can understand your physical and mental stage due to infertility problem. I am feeling very sorry for your failures of natural conceive. I want to express God gratitude to provide help with proper energy to understand this difficult situation with positive attitude. I accept to get a full husbands support to handle this difficult situation. We consult with proper gynecologist of Ukraine to conceive effectively. I am happy to help you. You can follow these effective tips and tricks to conceive effectively.
    It is very important to have regular period cycle. Your period cycle is not regular it is clear signal that your body is not in balance. Your body hormone level must be in balance. You can use balanced diet to maintain proper balance in your hormone level. You can use yoga and meditation that provide proper balance in your physical and mental body very easily. You should consume rich iron food that has high hemoglobin level in your blood that creates maximum possibility to conceive naturally. You have to manage proper stress and depression very well. You can start with early morning walk and some easy exercise that is sufficient to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system. I hope you get good news soon like me to enjoy brightness in your life with healthy baby.
  • Lisaclark123 08-18-17 | 05:30 AM
  • Hi dear. Actually I am really shocked to know about the question you have asked. Since two year before, I was also going through such condition and figure out when I would be able to conceive. If you are going though such condition then my well wishes are always with you. It is the dream of every woman to conceive and bring the happiness in home. You need to forget about the past and concentrate on what is coming ahead with the positive attitude. I like to share you my experience and surely it will be very helpful for you. In such condition, the hormones do not work properly and may be you are facing pain and other problem. To conceive the baby with natural health, you need to concentrate on your health and have the proper diet.
    To eliminate the further risk you can do some yoga and meditation to live healthy and get rid of disease. I used to get up early in morning and go for the walk daily. It keeps you healthy and very helpful in balancing the hormones in body. You should eat the rich iron foods and have the proper nutrients daily and don’t ever skip the meal. Surely you will find the best result and able to make your dream true. I like to inspire people because I know how it feels to go through this kind of phase. Surely you would be able to conceive naturally and live a better and healthy life. It maintains the proper blood circulation and improve the reproductive system to conceive the baby naturally. Now you do not need to stress your mind and get help with the natural and brilliant methods. I hope you would reply to me with good news.
  • Anari 09-14-17 | 10:17 AM
  • My husband and I are not young, but only at this age did we feel that we want to have a child. We got married very early, we were 18 years old. But we always dreamed of living well, having money. We understand that life is one. And we wanted to visit many countries, live in a nice apartment. Therefore, we worked very hard to create our own business. We very often failed. But we did not drop our hands and reached the heights in our business. But now that we are older, we realize that we are alone. Of course, when we gave all our energy to our business, we realized that perhaps we are sacrificing our family. Initially, we even thought that having children is not for us. We always thought that we are selfish enough for this. And by the way, we felt lonely only after 50 years. And then we decided that we needed a child. And we decided to use the service of surrogate motherhood. Because I'm not young anymore, I can not give birth to a child. In addition, we used the donor's genetic material. In general we went to Ukraine. Because in Ukraine the commercial surrogate motherhood is allowed and regulated by law. In addition, we were sure that by signing a contract in Ukraine a surrogate mother would not be able to take our child. We approached the search for a clinic very responsibly. We visited many clinics in Kiev. But in the end they chose the clinic BioTexCom. It turns out that this is a very popular clinic among foreign citizens. In fact, when we arrived there, we found that the clients of the clinic were mostly foreign citizens. But it pleased us, because we did not have a language barrier with doctors. What can I say? We chose a surrogate mother from the clinic's base. Then we discussed all the organizational issues. Then there was an IVF procedure in a surrogate mother. And then they told us that the surrogate mother is pregnant. Our surrogate mother has not yet given birth to us a child, she is still pregnant. But soon we expect a replenishment in the family). By the way, our surrogate mother is very nice woman).

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