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~SPOTLIGHT~ Week 9/1 ~ mrssandy

~SPOTLIGHT~ Week 9/1 ~ mrssandy

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  • JessicaE JessicaE's Avatar 09-01-04 | 11:16 PM
  • Favorite game?

    Did you go to college? If so, where?

    Do you have siblings?
  • ready2Bpg ready2Bpg's Avatar 09-02-04 | 05:34 AM
  • Which do you prefer? Pool, lake , ocean?

    Camping or spa?

    Saturdays or Sundays?

    (You are loved!
  • LeAnnimal LeAnnimal's Avatar 09-02-04 | 09:53 PM
  • favorite ice cream? hagen daaz coffee ice cream

    makeup you can't live without? hmmm, don't wear much but would have to say my mascara, voluminous

    favorite disney movie? no question, Beauty and the Beast

    how long have you lived in texas? I moved here in summer of '98

    Favorite game? right now it's Texas Hold 'em poker

    Did you go to college? If so, where? Oklahoma State University, GO POKES (yes, i root for both OK teams, UNLESS they are playing each other. then it's all orange and black.)

    Do you have siblings? nope. I'm an only but a goodie.

    Which do you prefer? Pool, lake , ocean? hmmm the ocean to watch, the lake to swim in and the pool to have a few drinks by.

    Camping or spa? camping

    Saturdays or Sundays? saturdays! (sundays are for recovery!)
  • kimberlyh kimberlyh's Avatar 09-08-04 | 11:51 AM
  • Hi Ladies my name is Kim and I was redirected to this group by bjlmom. Just to give you a quick sight into me. I'm 40 Dh-Richard is 50 we have 6 girls between us due to previous marriages. We just ttc #1 together and I was 9wks. when I M/C 07/21/04. I am waiting for AF to arrive so I can start ttc#2. Now I would like to take part in your survey:

    In my spare time I....Read, crochet

    My pet is a ....Black Lab 6 1/2yrs.old

    Vacation Spot....Camping in New Brunswick
    Favourite Book...don't really have one
    Best Memory....Seeing my sister just get married
    Favourite song....Heart Goes On Celion Dion

    Favourite Movie....Have many
    If I could meet one person?? Would be my Grandfather who passed away when my mom was 9
    Favourite Food...Pizza
    Favourite Ice cream....Chocolate
    Make-up can't due without....lipstick

    Favourite Disney movie....Lion King 1 & 2

    I have 6 siblings...2 sis...4bros
    Prefer the ocean....especially since it is part of our way of life here in Nova Scotia
    Prefer camping
    Prefer Sundays

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