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megankirchoff 12-10-17 02:04 AM

my miseries
Hello people! I think the time has come for all my miseries to come to an end. Finally, I have got the solution to my problem. My heart disease is still there. But now I can have a baby without getting pregnant. Surrogacy has made it possible for me. I did a lot of research on the process. I found it really useful and reliable. I discussed it with my doctor and my husband. They both also agreed to my choice. Now only one thing is left. That is the clinic for surrogacy. Kindly kind me with any clinic that offers best surrogacy services. I just do not want to waste any time. Take care.

sara222 12-21-17 05:18 PM

I am so glad that you found your way out of this miseries. Try to research some clinics. I know about clinic in Ukraine. You may contact them. Find some others and compare your thoughts about them. Then you will know what is the best solution. Good luck.

AlisaB 01-13-18 05:07 PM

Hi! Sara probably means on BioTexCom. That is a clinic in Ukraine that performs all kinds of fertility treatments. Surrogacy is one of the programs that they do very good. In Ukraine there is a law that allows couples to have a child through surrogacy. This same law is protecting couples and there is no risk that you will not get your child after surrogacy mother gave birth.