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Could I be pregnant? Print Version

Kittycat91 01-09-18 10:58 AM

Could I be pregnant?
Hi ladies! My husband and I have been ttc since november.
Last month I missed my period on 12/29. Since then I have noticed a few symptoms, such as bloating,white discharge,loss of energy and vivid dreams. Saturday my breasts began to hurt,starting with my left one. I still haven't started bleeding but this at this point of the month it would be unusual for me to start. I have taken probably 6 tests since my missed period now (which has been 11 days) and all have been negative! I'm stumped.. Is it possible to be pregnant even with neg results at this point?

dabi 10-29-18 05:47 AM

It seems to me that you should consult your doctor. I believe that the doctor will clarify this situation. After all, none of the readers of this forum will be able to answer your question for sure. Only your doctor can tell you the correct answer to your question. Do not waste your time and go to the clinic. If you have not done so, then be sure to do it. Because it is necessary in your case.