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Any tww/cycle buddies?

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  • WeAreTtcOur2nd WeAreTtcOur2nd's Avatar 07-26-13 | 02:14 AM
  • Hey there, my name is Abi and im looking for some buddies:]
    I am currently 4dpo and I have 29 day cycles so I'd be on cd20 right now.
    Feel free to stay and chat, even if we don't have the same cycles, I can use any buddies right now:]
  • amy77 07-28-13 | 10:42 AM
  • Hello, we have been trying since last month (June) as of today I'm at CD16 my 2ww just started, praying that we get a positive, I'm 35 and never would thought 10 years ago that ttc would b so hard! The waiting period is crazy! I had a tubal reversal on may the 13, and now ttc natural, my tubes was cut, tied, and burned 8 years ago, Doctor said he didn't see any problems with ttc! Would like to have sum buddies, that understand the whole thing with ttc, maybe we can pray and encourage one another!!!
  • inHighHopes 08-02-13 | 09:40 AM
  • Hey there I am 39, and I had a tr 11/8/12 we have been trying with no luck so far. I am on my ttw also and I am having pinching type pains in my left side and breast tenderness started yesterday. I am on my first cycle of clomid and also just had a hsg on 7/19/13. My left tube (7") was totaly open and looks great, my right tube (7.5") had a slight blockage that they flushed out. I just wanted to say hiya and looking forward to having buddies as well. This is actually the first site that I have seen that is up to date and not years old. Lol!
    So bunchessssss of baby dust to all of us
  • amy77 08-03-13 | 10:09 AM
  • I'm so glad to hear from sumone that had a tubal reversal too,I'm still to early to test yet but within a week or less I can, my doctor said I had a slightly lower egg count than average 35 year old, and my husband count was OK. So lord willing we will conceive! I feel like I'm obsessed with this whole pregnancy stuff, I started taking frolic acid because I was told that would help, I figured its worth a try! Happy to hear ur having sum signs, I will keep u in my prayers! Maybe we will both get our blessing! We have 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys, and decided we want another so here we r, u know after the tr I have felt so much better, my hormones r different it seems and I feel like I'm complete as a women! Decided never again will I get my tubes done, when the time comes I will figure out another B.C.! Keep me posted and I'll do the same with u! Blessings to all of us

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