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Implantation possible??

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  • irisheves 12-06-12 | 04:59 PM
  • Hi Ladies! I'm new here and looking some opinions to help me get through this horrible two week wait...

    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our first child...we've been trying for about 8 months now. I have a 28 day cycle on the dot, every month. This past month was the first time I used an ovulation test (I always assumed it to be at around 12-14 day mark each month) I actually tested positive for fertile day on the 7th day after my AF came (3 days after it ended) and haven't had another positive on that since. I'm hoping that I just ovulate early each month and that's why we haven't had luck yet. Anyways..we were active the day before that positive O test, the day of and the day after. 7 days after that positive O test, I had some minor back ache/cramping at work all day....when I got home and used the restroom, after wiping I noticed some pink streaking in a thick, clear discharge (TMI sorry). The next three times I used the restroom I noticed darker pink streaks, then lighter pink streaks then nothing. All of that lasted for about 4-5 hours total and is now gone. I had a BBT decrease of about .22 degrees that day and the next day it was back up by .25 degrees and slowly increasing. I still have some minor cramps and have head aches for the past week.

    Does this sound like implantation? How soon have other mother's noticed the other pregnancy symptoms after implantation bleeding? My period isn't due for another 13 days so I have a while to wait and am just stressing because I have a medical condition that will require me to change all meds immediately upon pregnancy and I hate sitting around waiting and wondering
    If I'm a person who ovulates early, and had implantation early, then will the HPT detect a positive result earlier for me than just 5 days before missed period? Or should I still wait before testing?

    Thanks in advance for any advice....sorry for the lengthy post!
  • irisheves 12-17-12 | 10:38 AM
  • UPDATE: In case any other's experiencing the above are reading this and looking for answers, I thought I would post an update. (I hate it when I read all these posts that are what I'm going through but no one ever updates you) The TWW is almost over (I'm due to start tomorrow). So...I decide to get ancy and take a couple tests starting yesterday. I hadn't really developed any severe noticeable symptoms since the believed implantation bleeding. I have been tired a lot lately and my breasts have been a little sensitive and sore but not overly so. So, I took a First Response Early Result test Sunday mornining first thing and got a very faint second line. The night before, I drank a couple cups of coffee before bed as is my custom (soon to be a thing of the past lol) I've heard that drinking fluids of any kind the night before can dilute the results some. So...I drank nothing two hours before bed Sunday night and I took another FRER test this morning (Monday) and got a more definite line, still lighter than control line but clearer to see..not sure if that's because HCG has increased or because I didn't drink anything. The tests were at 17 DPO and 18 DPO..I've attached pictures of each test to see what others think. I called the dr's and my apt isn't until Dec 26th (next Wed) so I have to wait AGAIN for the blood test because I'm a skeptic and after so long of trying can't believe it's true until a dr tells me it is.

    Anyway...would love to hear what people think! And I will keep updates coming to this thread in case anyone is interested.
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  • irisheves 12-17-12 | 04:27 PM
  • UPDATE: Went to the Dr today..I called to see about getting an apt set up and because of medications Im on, they asked me to come on in today so we could test and be sure. Dr. confirmed...we are pregnant!
  • SMWILSO82 01-21-13 | 12:14 PM
  • Congratulations on you BFP!!!! I am currently in my 2WW. Thank you so must for updating your thread! I too dislike when people just keep you hanging. Congratulations again! Those OPK really come in handy, who would have thought to test as soom as AF was gone?! Best of luck to you all!
  • irisheves 01-21-13 | 12:27 PM
  • Thank you! Just had our first ultrasound last week and had a good heart beat and healthy growing baby!
    best of luck to you!

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