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  • Eve 08-10-09 | 12:29 PM
  • good luck! I have 3 days to go... I am just constantly thiking about it!
  • Rhynos Rhynos's Avatar 08-10-09 | 02:01 PM
  • Same to you.....I have about 2-3 days aslo....although I have had some brown spotting today. My period is not due until Thursday at the earliest. I am also having pains in my breasts. I usually don't have breast sensitivity during PMS. I am not sure if I should be disappointed about possible early period or excited about the possible symptoms? It is still too early to test. This is frustrating!!!
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 08-10-09 | 04:31 PM
  • brown spotting might be imlpantation bleeding, since brown blood means old blood! I'd wait a couple days and test (I know, easier said than done!) I think this sounds very promising

    for you!
  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 08-10-09 | 05:29 PM
  • For me, brown spotting is common every month...but if you usually dont then thats a great sign...especially the tender breasts. With my first, my breasts were so sore. It hurt if the wind blew too hard.
    Hoping for the best!

  • Rhynos Rhynos's Avatar 08-10-09 | 09:22 PM
  • Thank you!! Keeping my fingers crossed and really trying not to test too early!