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  • prayingformore 01-01-12 | 01:11 AM
  • After having a m/c on November 30th a little past the 4 week mark--would ovulation be delayed or arrive as expected if there had been no pregnancy? I hope that makes sence. I was 4 wks 3 days--so only 3 days past when my af should have arrived. I ask because during this time I started using Omega 3-6-9 supplements with EPO in them, baby aspirin, and iron supplement to help with the lining of my uterus and to prevent clotting. My cp was very high for about a week or so and didn't actually drop to a lower position until the 26th of December. On 12/28 I was checking my cm and noticed that it was very thick with a pinkish tint. During this day my cm went from pink to brownish to yellowish. 12/29 some slight pinkish to tannish cm when checked as well as on 12/30 and today 12/31 somewhat the same but appears to be more tannish to nearly no color at all and has become a bit thicker again. I was expecting my next period by the 31st and no flow to speak of and yesterday and today I felt some pressure like someone pushing on the other side of my cervix. That sensation seems to have eased up and it was not constant to begin with.
    My bd days were: Dec. 9,10, 13, 14,15, 16, 24, 25. I am wondering if after searching about ovulation after miscarrying it stated it can occur 2-4 weeks after miscarriage. On thursday dec. 22nd--I had 2 tiny spots on the tp when I wiped that were bright red--I thought this might have implantation from bding earlier in the month--but my hpts are negative. The last 3 or 4 nights--I have extremely dry mouth and nausea. I tested this am and this evening (12/31) and still having bfn's...Is it possible I didn't O' until the 23 or 24th? I understand it takes 3 days for the fertilized embryo to make it into the uterus--but this past wednesday evening when the pinkish cm was noted--would have only been dpo 4 if O'ed on the 23rd/24th...Is that even possible? I probably wouldn't even know I was having any spotting if I wasn't checking my cp and cm as it does not make it to the pad or tp...Any thoughts ladies as to when I should test again?
    Thanks, Steph

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