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So here we go...again

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  • Lisaca 08-01-09 | 06:59 PM
  • By the way...thanks for the support ladies!
  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 08-02-09 | 07:00 PM
  • I hope and pray for you.
  • britnig18 09-02-09 | 08:08 PM
  • I hope and pray you are! That would be great!
  • Anari 09-15-17 | 04:01 AM
  • I hope you are all right. But I can share my story with you. Because I see that many women who want to have a child resort to different methods. And maybe my story will be useful to someone, and maybe save someone from mistakes. I can say that I married early and not for a beloved man. So I did not even think about the children, although my husband did not think about them either for the first few years. But I can honestly say that later I not only did not think about them, but I did not want them either. Yes, I can admit that I was doing an abortion. But my husband did not know about this, and then he suddenly wanted children. I had to tell him everything, he was very angry, he did not talk to me for several days. But then, we decided to use the service of surrogate motherhood. But we live in Europe, and here commercial surrogate motherhood is forbidden. In general, we went to America, but unfortunately we had a quarrel with the manager of one of the clinics. And we decided to go to another country. We did not even consider India as one of the countries in which we will use this service. We decided to try to go to Ukraine. Because my husband was advised one clinic. But I'll tell you everything in order, because the story is long, because brevity is not my strong point. At first, we were skeptical about Ukraine. Of course, we knew that it is cheaper there, that many people go there, but we thought that Ukraine would be worse than the European quality of medical care. But still we decided to try, and why not? You know, I did not care at all whether something would come of it or not. But when we arrived in Ukraine, in the clinic, we were very pleasantly surprised. Because the clinic was really of European level, we did not feel the difference. That's why I agreed to stay there. The husband chose the surrogate mother on his own, we made a contract with her. Later, with the help of IVF, she was given our genetic material. After 9 months of pregnancy she gave us a child. My husband found 3 nannies who help us with the baby. But you know, I can honestly admit that I do not feel attracted to a child. But my husband loves him very much. By the way, you probably ask, in what clinic we were. I'll write right away, because then all the notifications about the comments that you write to me are lost to me at the post office. We were in BioTexCom, in my mind a good clinic. And I am very capricious and difficult for me to please, but we were satisfied with their service. Because everything went quickly, organized and clearly, there were no unnecessary nerves.

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