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  • Anari 09-05-17 | 06:28 AM
  • Hello, girls, my sister really needs the advice of those girls who took advantage of the service of the surrogate motherhood. My sister had unsuccessful attempts at IVF procedure. But the fact is that she was completely upset, she no longer believes in herself. Because of this, her relationship with her husband became worse, and in fact they had such a strong family. You see, it seems to me that she does not need to try the IVF procedure anymore. Because every attempt of IVF, this is stress for her body, in addition, she develops depression. I talked with her husband, he is not against the surrogate motherhood. But we dare not offer it to her. Do you think this is a really good way out of this situation? We learned that in England, where we live, commercial surrogate motherhood is prohibited. It became a shock for us, but we understand that the psychological health of the sister is deteriorating and we need to look for a clinic abroad. We thought we had to go to the USA, but the prices in the US are SHOCK! expensive! Then my sister's husband decided to look on the Internet, in which country the surrogate motherhood is regulated by law. It was a huge surprise - in Ukraine. Honestly, we did not even think about this country, but as it turned out - Ukraine - the center of the surrogate motherhood. In general, my sister's husband and I have already decided on the country, but have not yet found a clinic. After we find the clinic, we will tell my sister about it. Do you think she will like this offer?