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Too early to test?

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  • eliza_morgan 01-17-09 | 10:14 AM
  • If I ovulated on the 11th when can i test? I don't want to test early....but i hate this waiting....
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 01-17-09 | 11:35 AM
  • I would wait until 10dpo - that would put you at the 21st. GL!
  • eliza_morgan 01-17-09 | 12:05 PM
  • thanks i appreciate the advice....
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 01-18-09 | 01:58 AM
  • I got a pretty good + at 11dpo so 10dpo should be safe.Just remember your not out until AF shows!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 01-18-09 | 08:34 AM
  • I would wait until 14 DPO so that there is no second guessing if it is a line or not. I been there, done that lol.