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TTC...could I be pregnant?

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  • countrygirl92 12-02-12 | 08:21 PM
  • Someone please help me! Okay... my fiance and I have been ttc for over a year. I had just recently read about Pre~Seed and we have used it this cycle every time we'd BD. Which is every other day. And we do believe the day I O'ed we did in fact BD. I have also been on prenatal vitamins for over a month now.

    1-2po- cramping, but nothing else.

    3dpo- cramping, bloating, insomnia, crazy dreams.

    4dpo- cramping, bloating, back aches...and ouch my breasts are tender. Crazy dreams and insomnia.

    5po- cramping, heartburn (light), back aches, boobs hurt...(accidentally bumped one in the night and I almost cried it hurt so bad!) Same crazy dreams and insomnia. Bloating.

    6dpo- Pale yellow cm (no checked.) BLOATING HORRIBLY! Boobs hurt, back aches, insomnia, nutso dreams and just over all feeling worn out. Tired.

    7dpo- (Today) No more yellow cm...but now it is white and watery! I don't have much cm at all really and my underwear (sorry tmi!) feels pretty wet. And I have been checking...but when I checked today I noticed a small (very small!) pinhead sized pink dot on the tp. I think it was blood...ODD. Anyways, I have been super crabby and crying over stupid things. And I overall just don't feel good. Still have cramps and I was so bloated today I had to unbutton my pants! I have been peeing more often...and every time I tried to button my pants I had to pee. Same other "symptoms" this day as the others. But I don't know what's going on.

    8dpo- Back ache boobs hurt...but cramping lightened up A LOT! I've noticed large blue veins in my boobs like around my nipple...

    9dpo- BFN! I still had light cramping on this day and sore boobs oh and a back ache...but nothing else really.

    10dpo- sore boobs, back ache, and light cramping.

    11dpo- same as 10, but BFN.

    Does anyone think I am pregnant? AF should be here in about 4 or 5 days. But I just don't feel like I do before AF. Idk, maybe I'm crazy...has anyone else had these symptoms!?

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 12-03-12 | 08:58 AM
  • I can see that you are driving yourself crazy. Just relax. If you do not get your period in a week then take another test and go get a blood test done just to be sure. Our brains can fool our bodies, but a blood test is definitive. Good luck.
  • spawn 08-20-14 | 06:49 AM
  • Hi,
    Okay I'm new here..just wonder if anyone can give me some answers. Me and my hubby ttc for 2 months now I'm in cd 27 and 13dpo 2 days before AF is due. I have mild cramping, nausua in the evening have to run to the loo couple of times more than the usual. Hungry first thing when I wake up.. Have been checking my cervix it is a bit high soft and firm wet and close.. Can I be pregnant? Too scared to test don't want to get that fat neg AGAIN! Plz help
  • Carmie 10-05-14 | 12:23 AM
  • Hi there, yes there is a possibility that you are pregnant. But it is always best to have a pregnancy test, at least a week or two after not having a period. If you are pregnant, let me share here with you a site you can use to calculate your due date, good luck and keep me posted.
  • amanda21 12-29-16 | 10:52 PM
  • You need to go to the test to make sure if you are pregnant or not.