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On the TWW And losing will power ;)

On the TWW And losing will power ;)

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  • RachelNnn 03-18-12 | 05:38 PM
  • Hello
    I am Rachel i have been TTC this month and am now on the two week wait
    I am sure i ovulated on the 10th of this month my normal cycle length is 29 days . i should then be 7dpo? And i am really finding it hard not to test is anyone else 7dpo?..x.x.x.
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 03-19-12 | 11:42 AM
  • Congrats on TTC! I know you posted yesterday, so today you would be 9 DPO. Have you been charting?

    I would wait a week or so to test, but even then another week's wait may be required. I know it's hard..

    hang in there!
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 03-19-12 | 11:44 AM
  • FYI, I've moved this thread to the Two Week wait forum so others can find it.
  • stacey jean 04-19-13 | 05:45 PM
  • im on the tww it seems like a year i had sex on thur the day i was ovulating so its been 8 dsys already tested to find negative results i no i gotta wait but its so hard not noing the outcome. i hope you got the answer you have been waiting for x
  • AsgardianTeacup AsgardianTeacup's Avatar 12-10-13 | 04:02 AM
  • Im in the same boat. Unfortunately for me I am terrible at tracking and stuff like that and so I'm kinda flying blind here. I feel like an idiot and trust me...From now on I am tracking the crap out of this. Luckily I know I have fairly average cycles so there's that. Anyways...Know how you feel. Just not knowing is the hardest part.