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Starting Solid Foods

A New Approach for Children at Risk for Peanut Allergy

Children with a severe allergy to peanuts face many challenges. An accidental tiny exposure can set off hives. Ingesting more may result in breathing problems, anaphylactic shock, and in severe cases death. Even a kiss from someon...

Give Your Baby a Taste for Healthy Foods

How can we teach our children to love the taste of healthy foods, rather than becoming unhealthy eaters who are hooked on packaged cakes or cookies or salty chips? How We Teach Baby to Taste According to some research, our teach...

Baby Food: Jarred or Homemade?

We want to give our children the best start in life, especially when it comes to their health. When to feed baby, what to feed baby, and how to feed baby are big concerns in the second half of the first year.Baby Food Options As...

Is Organic Baby Food Better?

Every parent wants the very best for their baby. You want to protect your child from everything. And this can make you a mark for every company who sells you on the idea that what they offer is the safest and the best for baby. So...

When to Wean Baby from the Breast

Breastfeeding creates a natural bond between mother and child. The bond reaches beyond nourishment; it connects the baby and mother on a different level. That is why is so difficult for some mothers and babies to begin the weaning...

Risks of Starting solid foods too early

Infants grow at an amazing speed. The clothes you thought would fit your baby for months, only last several weeks. To keep up with the rapid speed of growth, your baby's body needs loads of nutrition. Many new moms are tempted to...

High Chair Buying Guide

A key item in your baby gear list is a high chair. Today's parents can choose from a wide variety of models, from traditional high chairs with assorted bells and whistles down to the bare bones types, to European high chairs that...

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes for Baby

Baby's first Thanksgiving is a special day, but how can you include baby in all the food fun? Keep in mind baby's age and what foods are allowed and which are prohibited but also be mindful of any allergies that run in the family...

What's Cooking? Simple and Nutritious Baby food Recipes

Today's parents have more choices--and more resources--than ever before when it comes to feeding their babies. Forget the processed baby food in the grocery aisle; fun and easy recipes for making your own meals and snacks are a fe...

Beginning Solid Foods: How to Do It Right from the Start

One of the most changeable standards in caring for little ones is the guidelines for when to start solid foods, and what to feed baby. In the 60's babies were given whole cow's milk at several months of age and encouraged to begin...

Finger Foods for Your Baby

There is nothing cuter than watching your little one chase food around the highchair tray with her fingers, and seeing the sense of accomplishment in her face when a tiny little piece of food actually makes it her mouth. When you...

Dietary Essentials for Your Baby

Babies are introduced to solid foods at about six months old, and from this time to about 24 months old, they will learn plenty about food, and it goes well beyond taste. First it is just swallowing solid foods, then lumps,...

Baby's First Thanksgiving - Delicious Baby Food Recipes

Who says baby has to eat the same old jar baby foods for Thanksgiving? After all, Thanksgiving is that one special time of year when we all splurge at our dinner tables and stuff our mouths with unbelievable amounts of food—...

Q&A: Did I Start Solids Too Early?

Q. My baby is four months old. He has been breastfed exclusively until I began introducing baby food a couple of weeks ago. He normally has one to two bowel movements per day. I fed him 3/4 jar of green beans and now he hasn't had...

Q&A: Bannanas & Cheese

Q. I have a 9 1/2 month old. He loves bananas. Is it ok to feed him a whole banana per day, in one meal? I was told by a friend the potassium is to high for him to eat a whole banana. He loves them. Also is it ok to feed him chees...

Q&A: Warm or Cold Milk?

Q. I have a question about my 1 year old son. His mom gives him cold milk from the time he wakes up to the time he goes back to sleep. Is it healthy to give him cold substance all day? Shouldn't he have something warm in the morni...

Q&A: 10 Month Old Gaining Enough Weight

Q: My baby doesn't seem to be gaining much weight. My friends are saying he is skinny - 10 months and weighs 19 pounds but he is long and very active. Is there something I could do to encourage him to eat more? He is eating gerber...

Q&A: When To Introduce Regular Milk

Q I have a healthy 11 month old son, and am curious at what age should we start introducing him to regular milk. He eats yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese, and other dairy products. Thanks for your help ! A In most children, it i...

Q&A: When do you start giving babies more than one feeding?

Q I started feeding my baby rice cereal when she was over 4 1/2 months old. I did this once a day (in the evening) for two weeks. She was bored and still wanting food, so the doctor said to start vegetables and try oatmeal. She lo...

Q&A: I Have Food Allergies - Should I Hold Off On Introducing Solids?

Q My 5 month-old baby is exclusively breastfed, and I have food allergies to milk and wheat. Should I hold off introducing solids? A If you have a strong family history of allergies, I would recommend you try to wait on the solid...

Q&A: When Should You Start Giving Your Baby Solid Foods

Q My son is 3 months old, and I am wondering when you think the best time to start giving him solid food would be, like Pablum and jars of veggies and fruit etc.? I have heard it is not beneficial to put the cereal in the baby's f...

Q&A: Nutrition For A Nine-Month-Old Baby

Q Our baby is 9 months old with 4 teeth coming in. Should he still be relying on formula for his nutrition (he currently has about 25 ounces a day), or should we slowly reduce the formula since he is eating 6 jars of stage 1 or st...

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food is fresher, smells and tastes better, and is far less expensive than commercial food. And it doesn't require preservatives for a longer shelf life. You can make it to just the right consistency for your baby's l...

A Wonderful World of Finger Foods

As you tiny newborn begins to grow, so will her appetite and desire to try new, more exciting things. Among these things are foods. It is important to know what foods are good for baby, and at what time will she be ready to try...


I have never been much of a cook, nor did I ever spend much time in the kitchen in my life up until I got married and had children. My idea of "cooking" was opening a package of crackers and a jar of peanut butter. For me, the...

Starting Solid Foods

Breastmilk is all your baby needs until at least four months of age. Most babies will do fine with exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age or longer. Why start solid foods?� Because there comes a time when breastmilk no lon...

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