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Dear Mr. Dad

My Baby Hates Me

Dear Mr. Dad, I'm a new dad and I can't help but feel like my 2-week old girl hates me. it seems that no matter what I do with her—or even if I come near her—she screams and cries and flails her arms like she's trying to push...

Reluctant Father

Dear Mr. Dad: I just found out I'm pregnant and my husband is not looking forward to being a dad. The pregnancy was unplanned and he doesn't see any positive sides to the situation. How do I get him to be more involved in the pre...

New Dads With Invasive In-Laws

Dear Mr. Dad, My fiancé and I recently had a baby. I'm thrilled with everything, but I can't help but feel like I'm taking a backseat to her parents. It's almost as if their opinions matter more than mine. Is there anyth...

Dad to Dad

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