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Bottle Feeding

Does Your Baby Need Probiotic Formula?

Once you've made the decision breast or bottle, there are more decisions to make if you chose bottle. Namely, which formula is the best for your child? Of course the best is still breast milk, and the American Academy of Pediatri...

How Much Formula Should Baby Be Getting?

While breast-feeding mothers always worry if their babies are getting enough, moms who bottle-feed many times wonder if they are giving too much formula to their baby. How much formula does a baby need during their first year of l...

Avoid These Bottle Feeding Mistakes

As a new mom or dad, you are bound to make a mistake here or there as you begin the adventure of parenthood. Don't worry, you are not alone. Thousands of parents across the globe learn parenting techniques through trial and error....

Baby Formula: How to choose?

The abundance of baby formula brands, forms, and types in the grocery aisle can seem overwhelming when it's time to make a choice for your little one. But rest assured that all baby formulas adhere to strict FDA (Food and Drug Adm...

Does Your Baby Have an Allergy To Baby Formula?

Your baby is fussy, particularly around feeding times and seems to have tummy troubles. Does this mean your infant has an allergy to the formula you are feeding him? Symptoms of a Milk Allergy in Infants Diarrhea or loos...

Bottle Feeding - Formula, Bottles & Accessories

If you have decided that bottle feeding is the best option for you and your baby, you likely have lots of questions about the right products to use. How do you choose the right formula? Which bottles should you use? And what...

Should Babies Have Water?

Q. When should you give a baby water to drink? My nephew's pediatrician told him and his girlfriend not to give their one month old daughter water. Is this advice correct? And if so, why? Also, they were told to feed her only ever...

Gastroesophageal Reflux

My 3 month old baby girl has had problems since birth. She has constantly screamed in pain for most of the day, hardly sleeping. At first, the doctor said it was a formula problem, then colic, then constipation. Finally, I got f...

Bottles, Bottles and More Bottles

In preparation for the arrival of my first child, I could not decide if I would breast-feed, bottle-feed, or provide a combination of both methods. During my pregnancy, I indulged myself in books on both subjects, took classes in...

Preparing and Storing Baby Formula

Both milk and soy formulas are available in powder, liquid concentrate, or ready-to-feed forms. The choice should depend on whatever the parents find convenient and can afford. Whatever form is chosen, proper preparation and refr...

When Formula Is Necessary

There are very few medical reasons why a mother shouldn't breastfeed, according to Lawrence. Most common illnesses, such as colds, flu, skin infections, or diarrhea, cannot be passed through breast milk. In fact, if a mother...

Choosing the Best Formula

If the mother cannot or chooses not to breast-feed, normal, full-term infants should get a conventional cow's-milk-based formula, according to John N. Udall Jr., M.D., chief of nutrition and gastroenterology at Children's Hospital...

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