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Baby Calendar Month 24

Baby Development Your child has grown so much. In the last year physically you can expect your child to have gotten taller, probably in the range of 3 to 5 inches and the same amount of weight in pounds. Your toddler's vocabular...

Baby Calendar Month 23

Baby Development Toddlers are exhibiting more independence in eating, dressing, playing and in making their preferences known. One unmistakable way toddlers convey emotion frequently is through the word, "NO!" While it is frust...

Baby Calendar Month 22

Baby Development Toddlers are learning so much at this age. Help your toddler develop his fine motor skills by introducing some fun homemade toys and activities. One simple idea is to take brightly colored craft foam and cut...

Baby Calendar Month 21

Baby Development Children at 21 months may be trying out their independence. This may manifest itself as refusing to eat what you are serving, going off without a look when you arrive at the playground, or attempts at dressing...

Baby Calendar Month 20

Toddler Development Your 20-month old is developing more attention to small details. You can help further this development by reading books and asking your child to find some objects in the illustrations or to point to an object...

Baby Calendar Month 19

Baby Development While there are some general baby development guidelines at this point toddlers are individuals and their differences are becoming more noticeable at this age. Some toddlers talk nonstop in full sentences whil...

Baby Calendar Month 18

Baby Development Your 18 month old's language skills are likely exploding. You can assist with that by helping stretch those new words into sentences. When your child asks for milk, say "You want more milk?" Also this is a great...

Baby Calendar Month 17

Toddler Development Your toddler's language explosion is about to begin. Already he may say up to a dozen words, possibly more. She is likely to combine motions and utterances for words she's not quite mastered, for instance poin...

Baby Calendar Month 15

Development Your toddler is likely to have at least a few words beyond Mama or Dada and has a much bigger receptive vocabulary, meaning while he may only speak a few words your little one understands far more than that. The mor...

Baby Calendar Month 16

Month 16 Baby Development Since walking is becoming more fluid, expect some new fancy footwork to show up now. For instance, walking backwards (not quite moon walking yet, but still impressive) attempting to go up stairs, or co...

Baby Calendar Month 14

Month 14 Baby Development Around 14 months of age, your little one will be mastering those gross motor skills. Of course, that's not too tough to imagine since he has been practicing every moment he isn't asleep. While you may st...

Baby Calendar Month 13

Toddler Development Baby's favorite word now is one he is not likely to utter himself. It's his own name. Babies at 13 months not only recognize their name being said by you, but by others as well and can be distracted by the u...

Baby Calendar Week 4

Baby Development Babies at this age just love their hands and feet. They are a source of entertainment as well as a means to self-soothe, plus all that reaching, grabbing, sucking and kicking or waving is building up baby's mus...

Baby Calendar Week 3

Baby Development This week you may feel like you're starting to know this new little creature who's taken over your life and home. The cries are getting a bit clearer to you, the schedule (if you can call it that) is a bit more...

Baby Calendar Week 2

Week 2 Baby Development Baby might be a bit more demanding with the on-demand feeding this week, as  two-week old's often have a growth spurt about now. If your baby boy was circumcised, that area should be healed by now....

Baby Calendar Week 1

Baby Development Bringing home a newborn is a big adjustment for any family, even if it's not the first child. Expect the first weeks to be stressful, as you all get to know each other and begin to fall into a routine (of so...

Baby Calendar Month 9

Baby Development at Month 9 Nine month olds are adding new tools to their communication toolbox. Besides babbles and raspberries, babies speak through gestures more and more. She'll reach for you when she wants picked up. He'll wa...

Baby Calendar Month 8

Baby Development at Month 8 This month you might notice some new moves in baby's repertoire such as combining moves, like creeping across the floor with a toy in hand, or going from standing position to a sitting one. However, ex...

Baby Calendar Month 7

Baby Development at 7 Months Babies at 7 months are becoming emotional creatures, both expressing and beginning to recognize them in others, especially you. This is why it's very important not to send babies mixed messages, by...

Baby Calendar Month 6

Baby Development at 6 Months Six-month olds are in love. They are in love with their parents, their favorite others whether siblings, grandparents or other loved ones, and the world around them. Consider your six-month old to be a...

Baby Calendar Month 5

Baby Development Baby is starting to stretch out now, and not always curled up in that fetal position anymore. The newborn reflexes are beginning to disappear little by little, and more definite and less shaky movements are obs...

Baby Calendar Month 4

Baby Development This is a sweet time in parenting. Your baby is sleeping better, probably 9 or 10 hours a night with a couple daytime naps bringing the total to 14 or 16 hours, and is becoming a responsive little being- cooing...

Baby Calendar Month 3

Baby Development Baby has just reached a big milestone! No longer a newborn, your child is now an infant at the start of month three. Most likely, you will notice that your little one is sorting out days and nights, staying awa...

Baby Calendar Month 2

Baby Development Baby is starting to stretch out now, and not always curled up in that fetal position anymore. The newborn reflexes are beginning to disappear little by little, and more definite and less shaky movements are obse...

Baby Calendar Month 12

Happy Birthday, Baby! The average twelve-month old is living up to the name of toddler, typically taking those first solo steps. While a lot of time has been spent recently refining those fine motor skills, especially pincer gra...

Baby Calendar Month 11

Baby Development Your baby is busy learning so many things and combining skills. For instance, his memory skills and language skills are closely tied. Take advantage of this intellectual growth by playing interactive games. Giv...

Baby Calendar Month 10

Month 10 Baby Development Baby might not seem to be slowing down in any discernible way, but actually he is. His growth is slowing and that might mean less of an appetite or the start of some picky eating habits. However, nothi...

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