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Jaundice in Newborn Babies

Jaundice is a common condition in newborn babies, affecting about 60 percent, according to the March of Dimes. Jaundice refers to the yellow discoloration of baby's skin and eyes due to a build up of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a yell...

Your Newborn's Appearance: Bumps, Bruises & Cone Heads

To understand the appearance of your newborn you first need to look where the baby's been hanging out the last several months. He's been floating in amniotic fluid. She's been cramped in a space that is so small at the end she can...

The Most Common New Parent Mistakes

People often joke that there is no instruction manual for new parents; most everything is learned through trial and error, accompanied by the guidance and support of friends, family members, and advice from a pediatrician. Still,...

First Day Jitters: 12 Helpful Tips

The first few days home with your new baby will probably be busy ones -- with visits from family and friends and lots of support. But eventually, your spouse will return to work and your friends and other family members will go ba...

Caring for Your Preemie

A baby that arrives too soon, before 37 weeks, is considered premature. A full term baby is between 38 and 42 weeks. Premature infants require special attention and care, and how much generally depends on just how early baby arriv...

Bringing Baby Home From the Hospital

Perhaps nothing in your life will you be preparing for harder than to bring home that lil' bundle of joy. However, there is probably nothing in life you can be less prepared for the realities of than life with a newborn! Don't let...

How to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling babies is an age old practice brought back into the parenting repertoire in recent years. However, for many parents it's like a present you just can't wrap or a burrito that won't fold right. Swaddling isn't a natural gi...

Circumcision: Pros and Cons for New Parents

Do you want teddy bears or polka dots in the nursery? Breastfeed or bottle? Labor with a doctor or a doula? Then the ultrasound and the solid prediction of a son. Another big decision looms: to circumcise or not? Circumcision is...

Newborn Temperature & Weight

Temperature: Newborns and younger children normally have higher temperatures than older children and adults. If a fever is suspected in your newborn, it is imperative that a rectal temperature be taken. Other methods, notes Dr....

Sneezes Hiccups, and Reflexes

Sneezing: Newborns may sneeze, and this is typically attributed to the irritation of their nasal passages. The most common irritants, explains Dr. Iannelli, are smoke (and simply smoking outside is not enough), animal dander fr...

Newborn Skin

It is rare for newborns to have good skin. They may often exhibit certain skin conditions such as neonatal acne, dry skin with associated flaking, and other normal newborn rashes. Also common are birthmarks, which range from stork...

Q&A: What are the soft spots on my baby's head?

Q What are the soft spots on my baby's head? A The soft spots are open areas where the skull bones do not come together, leaving a gap to the brain. At birth, 2 soft spots can be found - one on the top of the head, the anterior f...

14 Months Babies Close In Age

I remember contemplating, as I rubbed my growing belly, the idyllic arrival of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. After all, what could be better than one pregnancy, one complete, immediate family, and two adorable children? As i...

Holding Your New Baby

Most first-time parents feel that their newborn is very fragile, and may be concerned when holding their tiny little bundle. However, you will be surprised at how your motherly instinct will take over, once your baby is born. T...

What to Look for in a Pediatrician

Once your baby arrives, her doctor will see her after birth, and again within 3 days to 4 weeks after birth. She will then be seen several times within her first year, to receive immunizations and well baby check-ups. Therefore, i...

Your New Baby and You

You've outfitted the nursery and tethered the infant seat to the car. You use words like "layette," "onesie," and "swaddle" with authority. But no matter how well read you are or how fully stocked your diaper bag, you're in for a...

Falling in Love

I am resting on a blanket on the living room floor with my true love, gazing dreamily into this beautiful set of ocean-blue eyes, which dance with mine in a rhythm set to the music of our hearts. I run my fingers through his soft...

The First Week Home With Your Baby

The first week of your baby's life brings big adjustments for both of you. You are adjusting to being a mother and caring for your baby and your baby is adjusting to life outside the womb. It is a time of great joy -- and possibly...

Your Newborn Today

As the prevalent air of anticipation dances excitedly among soon-to-be parents, many thoughts race through their minds: "What will the baby look like?" "Will the baby cry a lot?" "Will the baby be able to hear me and to see me?" "...

Genitals, Umbilical Cord & Stools

Genitals: Common among newborn males is scrotal swelling, referred to as hydrocele. This swelling usually subsides without treatment. Further, if a male newborn is uncircumcised, there is no special cleaning required. Umbili...

Newborn Eyes, Ears, Head & Hips

The eyes According to Dr. Iannelli, the most important part of the eye exam is to check for the "red reflex," to rule out cataracts. Further, blocked tear ducts in either one or both eyes can contribute to excessive tearing....

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