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Play Time

Top Toys for Babies for 2014

Play is baby's work, so toys are baby's work equipment. While the assortment of bells and whistles available to today's children is astounding, rest assured, however, Mom and Dad are still baby's number one playthings. When looki...

Activities You Can Do With Your 1 Year Old

There are a gazillion activities and crafts to do with toddlers. As you look around the craft store, you wonder, "What can I do with my one-year old?" There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of options does there? Here are...

Benefits of Joining a Baby Playgroup

Considering a playgroup for you and your little one? There are plenty of reasons to form one or join an existing group, and the benefits for both parent and baby are many. A playgroup can be defined as a small gathering of chil...

Homemade Baby Toys

Babies have all kinds of toys in their toy chests, and many of them have expensive bells and whistles and require a battery factory to keep them powered. However, it is often the simplest of objects that will entertain babies the...

Creative Play for Babies

New parents are bombarded with information about raising children. What diapers to use, whether to breast feed, and how to make their babies smarter. Millions of dollars are spend every year on products designed to make thei...

Baby Toys to Stimulate Your Baby

We all want the best for our babies. We give them the love they crave, warm their bellies, and rock them to sleep every night. One important factor in becoming a new parent of a baby is providing them with the tools they...

C'mon Baby, Let's Read!

The first time I read a book to my oldest son was when he was four months old. I sat down on the floor, surrounded myself with a slew of picture books, placed my son on my lap and began his first journey into the wonderful world o...

Playgroups Sandy Pockets and Jelly Kisses

Face facts: your little one can tire of your mug. Don't get me wrong-you're beautiful and charming and the center of his world, but he surely wouldn't scoff at a change of scenery now and again. And there's no shame in cravi...

Testing the Waters: Parenting Adventures

Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend, marking the official opening of the summer season. My three young sons, ages 5, 3 1/2, and 2 begged my husband and I to take them up there. We promised them we would go later in the day,...

Family Activities

FUN ACTIVITIESI Spy - To play this game simply choose an object within eyeshot and state the letter that it begins with. For example, if your object is a candle you say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'C' " E...

Party Anyone?

Spring! To some, this means a deep cleaning. To others, it is the gentle promise of summer's arrival. What does it mean to me? It turns me into the 18 year old rebel I used to be! That first deep inhale of Spring's magic perfume...

Sharing Music With Your Baby

As the most important people in a child's life, parents play a large role in the early years by developing and fostering their child's sense of self, creativity and intellectual growth. One way to begin developing these areas wit...

A Fourth of July Birthday

What do you do when your child's birthday falls on or near a holiday? How do you celebrate both without your child feeling left out? Actually, most holidays combine very well with birthdays, particularly the smaller holidays. Th...

How to Start A Playgroup

There are many benefits to joining a playgroup. Your children have the opportunity to form friendships and play with someone other than a sibling. It also gives us mothers a chance to get out of the house and actually speak to an...

Toy Safety Shopping Tips

3 Through 5 Years Old Children under 3 tend to put everything in their mouths. Avoid buying toys intended for older children which may have small parts that pose a choking danger. Never let children of any age play with uninflated...

Buy Baby Toys That Last

So, how are the Christmas toys holding up at your house? Are they worth the money spent on them? Being played with? Enriching your child's life? If you're among those thinking you could have made some better choices, vow to make...

Block Play: Building a Childs Mind

Unit blocks may not be as sophisticated as some toys we find in stores or on TV commercials, but they are ideal for learning because they involve the child as a whole-the way she moves her muscles, the way she discovers how differ...

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