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Baby Safety

Poison Prevention Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

Each year over a million children are poisoned, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Most if not all of these could be prevented with proper precautions. Typically, poisonings take place when parents or caregivers are...

10 Car Seat Mistakes Most Parents Make

It's a grim reality; auto accidents are the number one cause of accidental death and injury in the US. However, the use of car seats and safety belts reduce that risk of injury by an incredible 71 to 82 percent and reduce risk of...

Dangers of Leaving Babies In Cars

It's a horrible statistic; as of mid-July of 2014, 18 infants have died in the US after being left in a hot car. Not long after, the public safety group, Kids and Cars, released a statement calling on US automobile manufacturers...

Safe Babywearing

According to proponents, babywearing is not only a safe practice if following simple rules, but also one that promotes bonding, growth and intelligence in babies. However, while it may be a great way to build a rapport with baby,...

Toddler Proof Your Living Room

Let's face the music. Toddlers can be dangerous. That beautiful, white vase that has been in the family for 50 years can end up crashed in a thousand pieces on your living room floor as a cherub-like toddler looks up at you innoce...

How To Toddler Proof Your Car

As dads and moms busily weave in and out of traffic, little ones can become listless and bored. The mundane riding can trigger a toddler's desire to explore his surroundings while his parent or caregiver is attentive to the task a...

Choosing the Best Car Seat

Perhaps no other baby product carries as much importance in terms of child safety than the carseat. Since car accidents are the leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 12, the decision on which seat to buy is a crucial one...

4 Million Bumbo Seats Voluntarily Recalled

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Bumbo International Trust, have recalled Bumbo Baby Seats. The voluntary recall by the South African company includes 4 million seats in America. The seat, which is ma...

Baby Sleep Safety: Bedding Sheets for Cribs

When planning your infant's nursery, you consider color schemes and comfort. It seems natural to think of wanting to surround your child with soft, comfy materials. However, soft bedding is a true danger to babies. As many as one...

Is Your Baby Safe With the New Car Seat Guidelines?

New advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) will change the way many parents buckle up their children for a drive. In a new policy published in the April 2011 issue of Pediatrics (published online March 21), the AA...

Baby Proofing Checklist

According to the National Safety Council, suffocation and choking cause the majority of deaths of children ages 0-4 and drownings are also a major danger. Many injuries or fatalities of infants and children can be prevented with c...

Baby Wearing Safety Guidelines From the CPSC

While baby carriers and slings have been used throughout time around the world and have been cited as ways to promote healthy bonds between babies and parents, some concerns have been raised recently. The US Consumer Product Safet...

Baby Proofing Your Home

Before your little one begins to crawl, it is important to baby proof your home. Babies and toddlers learn by touching and tasting everything in the world around them, so making your home safe from hazards is crucial. First,...

Baby Crib Safety Standards

Choosing a crib for your baby is the first of many important decisions you will make concerning your child. While shopping for the crib may be fun and exciting it should also be taken quite seriously. Each year many childr...

Car Seat Baby Sitter

When is it okay to leave your kids in the car when running errands? When you're just running in the store for a jug of milk? Picking another child up at preschool? When they've fallen asleep and they haven't napped yet? These ar...

Baby Proofing: Hidden Dangers

On New Year's Eve, I attended a party at the home of one of my friends. She and her husband had recently moved into this home and was eager to give me the grand tour. As she led me up the stairs and into her young son's room, I...

Household Choking Dangers

Safety Pin Fever Imagine my surprise one day when I looked into the mouth of a coughing four-month-old boy and found an open safety pin stuck in the back of his throat! When his parents brought him to the ER for cold symptoms, t...

Infant Car seat Carriers - A Practical Purchase for the Busy Parent

Infant car seat carriers are a wonderful convenience. They are affordable, can go anywhere and can be used in so many ways. Use them to carry your baby from the house to the car, then the supermarket, without disturbing your pre...

Safe Swimming for Infants and Tots

Swimming is the number one family recreational sport -- a year round activity enjoyed by every member of the family regardless of age. Unfortunately, drowning is also the leading cause of accidental death of children under age f...

Car Seat Safety

Every time I load my three sons, ages 5, 3 1/2 and 2 in the car, I feel like I am engaging in a ritualistic form of exercise. Since I do not have the luxury of a minivan or some other mega-vehicle, I have one car seat and two boos...

Have a Safe and Happy Summer Summer Safety Tips

Summertime is always such a special time. The warm, long days beckon us outside to seek adventures long hidden by the dreary winter season. The living is free and easy -- or so it seems. Despite the carefree lifestyle summer seem...

Preventing Drowning

Did you know that drowning is the second most common cause of death from injury for children aged 1 to 4 years old? Children under four are at risk beause they move very quickly but are not always aware of the dangers around them....

Let's Baby Proof!

From the moment we begin preparations for bringing home a new baby, one of the things most prevalent in our minds is the comfort and safety of our baby as he or she grows and moves about the home. We make sure cabinet drawers are...

Product Review: The Safe Sleeper Crib Sheet

When considering the overall number of live births each year, SIDS remains the leading cause of death in the United States among infants between 1 month and 1 year of age and second only to congenital anomalies as the leading over...

Parking Lots

Of course, after driving around with the tots, there comes the time where we eventually end up someplace, either at the store or the doctor's office. The real trick for me, now that I have to get three kids out of car seats, is t...

September is Baby Safety Month A calendar of Tips

September is National Baby Safety Month (one of our favorite months, for obvious reasons: everyone pays attention to safety!). In honor of this special month and its 30 days, we are providing you with a 30-day plan to tighten up y...

How to Secure Your Baby In the Car Seat?

According to a study performed by the National Safe Kids Campaign,one in five people are using car seats incorrectly. On average, the study found that there were two problems with each seat: The most common errors were associated...

Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist

We all have a story to tell of one small thing we forgot to do, when baby proofing our homes. Here is a list of many of the things you need to consider when it comes to your baby's safety. Just print out this checklist to take wit...

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