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Play Time

Crafts: Turn Gift Boxes Into Toddler Toys

After opening all the gifts, cleaning up the wrapping paper and hauling the new treasures to each room, you look around and see a major amount of cardboard! Boxes of all shapes and sizes just laying around your house. You don't re...

5 Tips to De-clutter Your Playroom

It's amazing the way toys seem to multiply, perhaps even breed, once home in your child's playroom. If you live in a smaller home, you may think the toys have actually taken over. One of the most important things to keep this fro...

Cracking Down On Toy Recalls

The state of California is suing some major toy retailers like Mattel, Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target over the recent toy recalls. The recalls occurred due to high levels of toxic lead paint found in numerous preschooler toys th...

Toddler Playtime Ideas

Story Chain Sit on the floor with one or more children and put a tape recorder in the middle. Turn it on, and select a person to start the story with a sentence. The rest can take turns adding on. At the end of the story, you and...

25 Ways to Create a Boredom-Free Summer

Do you need a little inspiration to keep those two little words, "I'm Bored," out of your summer? Tired of the same old activities? Try these ideas to keep your summer full of fun. 1. FAMILY IDEA JAR. Everyone picks several fun...

Soap Crayons

Do you have little ones who love to play in the bath? Here is how to make your own soap crayons that are perfect for those baths! MATERIALS Mild powdered laundry soapFood coloring Ice cube trays or other small molds Water...

Summertime Crafts for Kids

Rock Paperweights Give each child a rock that has been washed with soap and dried. Have the children decorate the rocks with craft paint to create their own unique paperweights. Masks Cut 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper in half....

Bubbles Galore!

Bubbles! What child can resist bubbles? Not mine -- they love them and so do I. There is something so peaceful and calming about a floating bubble, and kids just squeal with delight when you had them some bubble solution and a...

The Top 10 Interactive Gamesfor Parents and their Toddlers

1. "Shadow" your child. Toddlers savor their independence but feel more secure and content when their parent shows great interest in their explorations. 2. Pretend that you are a kitty or a doggy and follow your child around...

The Top 10 Fun Things for Parents and Toddlers to Play With

1. Give your child a spray bottle of water and watch them spray every possible thing outside of the house! 2. Use shaving cream in the bathtub for extra fun. It is usually possible to find cans of shaving cream that cost onl...

The Top 10 Things to Do withYour Toddler Outside of the Home

1. Go to the pet store often. Let your child roam freely among all of the different kinds of animals and animal toys. 2. Go to the library and check-out picture books together. 3. Think of outings that have a lot of enjoy...

Winter Time Fun!

Winter is the time of year where many of us, due to inclement weather, are forced to stay inside. If you have kids underfoot during this time of year, you are all likely to suffer a bout of cabin fever. If the winter season has...

Activities For Fall

� Autumn is just around the corner. Be ready to make these fun crafts with your kids. Share these ideas with your child's teacher so the whole class can join in the fun. Wreath of Leaves You will need: corrugated cardboar...

Let's Play A Game!!

Okay�so you are sitting there on the floor with your baby, toddler, or preschooler�or perhaps with all three, like I have at one point. They are looking to you for pure entertainment. What is a mom (or dad or grandparent!) to do...

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