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Potty Training

When Your Child Won't Potty Train

Some kids seem to be ready to use the potty and go from diapers to dryness overnight. But there are lots of other kids whose path to potty master is fraught with obstacles. Is Your Toddler Ready? One reason your little may not...

DIY: Potty Training Rewards System

Potty-training is an intimidating task. No one looks forward to the accidents and unending trips to the bathroom. However, simply incorporating a rewards program into potty training will make it more enjoyable for your little one...

Choosing Potty Training Books

Every mom has to do it. Every child has to learn it. It's the ever-confusing, intimidating task of -- POTTY TRAINING! Millions of moms and caretakers have gone through this training and learning period. They want to share their ex...

Potty Training Boys Vs. Girls

It's one of those milestones in childhood, and in parenting. Potty training is not a one approach, or one time schedule fits all. And the differences in gender with potty training adds one more variable to the process. How Their...

Potty Training: Reward Charts for Success

A child's achievement of becoming potty-trained is a momentous occasion in the life of a family. It's an achievement for parent and child alike. Once past this milestone, you'll realize babyhood is behind you and the toddler and p...

5 Common Potty Training Problems Solved

One of the great accomplishments of parenthood is surviving potty training. We know it's an eventuality. All kids get there. Yet while in the midst of it all, the finish line seems forever out of reach. However, most potty trai...

10 Steps to Successful Potty Training

Hello potty training, goodbye diapers. Until you have had a toddler and faced the inevitable period that bridges the gap between diapers and toileting, you have missed a real parenting milestone. So as you face this new obstacle t...

Potty Training Methods That Work!

Potty training is as much as rite of passage for a parent as the toddler. Knowing how to start can be overwhelming for both, however. While there are myriad methods for potty training, here is a primer to the most popular ones,...

Bedwetting Can Be Treated

When I was a resident in training, researchers were actively trying to find a cause and cure for bedwetting. They thought that bedwetting was caused by having a small bladder and they thought that stretching the bladder would cure...

Potty Training: How to Know When Your Child is Ready?

It is recommended to begin potty training between the ages of eighteen months and three years. The average age most children become potty trained is two. So how do you know when it is time to begin the process? There are multiple...

The Top 10 Tips for Potty Training Your Child

What parent feels knowledgeable and confident about potty training their child? Potty training is one of the greatest challenges that both children and their parents face in the first few years of a child's life. 1. Dress your...

Toilet Training - Part Three: Tips For Success

When to Start?The ProcessTips for SuccessHelpful Toilet Training Tips! Make it fun! Make a big deal about using the last diaper or let your child help you throw out the diapers in the trash can. Shop together for new underwear!...

Toilet Training - Part Two: The Process

When to Start?Tips for SuccessGetting Ready Start by reading toilet learning books to your child (15 months and up). Once your child is ready for toilet training; you can go to the store and purchase training pants and a potty cha...

When To Start Potty Training

While each child is different, most children ready to begin potty training between the ages of two and two and a half years old. Some toddlers are ready to begin potty training as young as 18 months. However, some children may not...

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