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Hypnobirthing, A New Way To Labor

Allison Hutton


You may be surprised to know that there are many methods and techniques to labor and childbirth, some of which you may have never heard of. One of these techniques is called "Hypnobirthing." It may sound a bit bizarre at first, but it is actually a philosophy of childbirth with roots that go back thousands of years. Let's face it, not all women had the choice of stadol, nubain, and epidurals. There was a time when women had to learn to "manage" their pain, and work with labor and childbirth, instead of fighting it. This is the philosophy behind hypnobirthing.

In a nutshell, those that practice the philosophy and technique of hypnobirthing believe that in the absence of fear and tension, severe pain does not have to be a part of labor. The belief is that, when you and your body are completely relaxed, the muscles that are used in childbirth will work in perfect harmony, as they were intended. By allowing yourself to learn how to attain this level of relaxation, believers claim that your natural birthing instincts will take over, and permit a calm, serene and comfortable birthing experience. It is said that when you are in the relaxed "state," you are not in a trace nor hypnotized. Rather, you are in a type of daydreaming daze, as if you were staring at a fire, running water, or what ever else can get you "there." Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Courses are offered for both the pregnant woman, and her birthing partner. Through the use of instructional video, audiotapes, and printed information, a woman may be able to have a birth unlike any she's experienced before, or been told to expect. A woman is able to take control of labor and delivery, without experiencing pain and discomfort, so often attributed to the tension and stress of the event itself. There are options, should you be unwilling or unable to attend a course.

Don't hesitate to contact an instructor in your area, and see what hypnobirthing has to offer you. You may be surprised to know that there are many women in your area who are interested in sharing their experiences with others considering this technique.

I was surprised to learn that there is an accredited Hypnobirthing center within 20 minutes of my home. I was also surprised to learn that one hypnobirthing course would cost nearly 0. However, I found that my insurance would reimburse the cost of this course upon completion. I must say that I am intrigued at the entire concept of hypnobirthing, and would definitely be interested in hearing from anyone who has taken a course, and what the outcome was.

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