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Bleeding & Pain 6 Weeks Postpartum

Jerri Colonero, RN, BS


Q. I am 6 weeks postpartum and initially had red lochia for 2 weeks then it turned brown then back to red with extreme abdominal pain. I went to the E.R. and was told to massage my uterus. Two weeks later, I am still bleeding with clots. I went for my 6 week appointment and the doctor said eveything was fine. However, I have sharp pains sometimes and am still bleeding. It wasn't like this with my first pregnancy. What's going on?

A. Clots and abdominal pain at 6 weeks postpartum are not normal. Where your obstetrician was not concerned, I would suggest that you run your symptoms by your primary care provider. Perhaps he or she would agree that a second opinion from another obstetrician is warranted.

Jerri Colonero RN

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bridget Aug 3, 2012 06:57:21 PM ET

Well im 5 weeks pp i will be offically 6 weeks pp and im keep geeling sick, i have no bleeding or nothing and like strong smells still get to me, my period supose to come on august 7 hopefully it comes on . Is this normal

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Megan May 1, 2012 01:55:10 AM ET

I am 7 weeks postpartum and I had my first period 2 weeks ago, it wasn't bad but a week later I started again and this time its heavier and I am now experiencing lower abdomen pain. Its nothing like cramps, it hurts to barely push or to curl my legs up to my chest. Should I go to the ER or what???

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palace Jan 21, 2012 09:35:20 PM ET

Well found out am 6 week period going off and on haven pain in d lower of my stomach dr said am at high risk went 2 pea an i had a small clot my first pregnancy wht should i do

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Leah Oct 29, 2011 02:52:09 PM ET

I feel exactly the same way! Sick, lightheaded, and there are times when my stomach feel like someone is reaching in a pinching it with all thier might! It's not like a contraction, more like extreme gas pains or something. I'm not quite at 2 weeks postpartum but I was on the way to being recovered when this just started all of a sudden. I soak a pad fairly quickly and I'm wondering wether I should call my Dr. too!

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colleen Aug 10, 2011 01:06:24 PM ET

Its been 9weeks since i had my 3rd child and iv got constant bleeding soaking a pad in an hour,large clots and cramps,i feel tired,sick and dizzy,my doctor said it was fine and should take a bit longer to settle but i dnt feel ok

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tina Jun 4, 2011 09:22:36 PM ET

I'm 4 weeks pp and I had 4th degree tear, I still bleeding (spot blood) and it has odor... and everytime I'm walking I feel the stitches is so pain like pulling me down so I can't walk straight with my back straight. is it normal? please help me.

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Jennifer May 13, 2011 06:06:19 AM ET

I'm still light bleeding after 12 weeks. Is this really normal? Could I have anemia?

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ash Feb 12, 2011 03:39:17 AM ET

Its been three months and im bleeding on and off and having sharp stabbing pains?

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gab Jul 12, 2010 03:17:47 PM ET

Im now 9 weeks postpartum, but at 3 weeks i was still going through 7 maternity pads a day. And after passing a massive clot i went to my doctor and she notified me that it was not normal to be bleeding so much after birth. I then went for an ultrasound and it turned out i had retained placenta and an infection, to get rid of the leftover matter i was booked in to undergo a D & C but was relieved when my bleeding had slowed down by week 4 and instead of having the procedure underwent afew cycles of different antibiotics.. so i would go to your dr or obstetrician and ask about the different reasons to why you may still be bleeding.

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Mary May 6, 2010 10:00:39 PM ET

I am 6weeks postpartm I am still bleeding heavy. Well at first it was heavy then it started becoming lighter to the point it was gone BUT now I'm bleeding again very heavily where I have to change my maternity pad every 30mins. I also have to wear a tampon otherwise I would have to change my pad every 10mins. It just feels like I'm losing alot of blood. Is this my period already???? I'm breastfeeding less than bottlefeeding.

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