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How Long After Intercourse Can I Take a Pregnancy Test? Comments & Discussion | Page 2

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Guest Nov 3, 2014 11:35:27 PM ET

I got my period on the 20th of October. It lasted a few days, and was normal. I had sex on October 25th, and took a pregnancy test yesterday. It said pregnant, so I took another and it said not pregnant. I am not sure which reading I should go off of?

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Guest Oct 31, 2014 01:52:05 AM ET

My last period started on 9/25/14 and lasted 17 days. My bf and I have had unprotected sex several times since, and I haven't gotten my period again. Could I be pregnant? If so, when would I be able to take a pregnancy test?

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Charn Oct 16, 2014 07:47:59 PM ET

I had intercourse with my boyfriend three days ago, and since then I've been feeling sick and lightheaded. I'm not due on until the end of month, but started getting a few cramps. How long before a test will show a positive result? I took a test today but it's saying negative. I know it's to soon. I wanted to know, when is best time to take another test?

shruthi Nov 5, 2014 09:58:26 AM ET

My period is 1 month late. am i pregnant?

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kristie Sep 30, 2014 05:49:01 AM ET

I spotted at the beginning of the month on September 6th, and I still haven't started my period. It's already September the 30th and nothing. I've taken a pregnancy test and the result was negative. Me and my boyfriend have been trying for 3 months and still nothing. We haven't been sexually active that much lately. Once every week or two. My stomach feels very heavy and I'm moody. I've been getting migraines to. I don't know if its PMS because I'm starting super late, or if it's because I'm pregnant.

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Rosa Sep 7, 2014 06:09:40 AM ET

I haven't missed a period yet, but I feel I may be pregnant. I had unprotected intercourse a week ago I took two tests and both were negative. I am not sure what I should do now.

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me Aug 12, 2014 08:34:09 PM ET

My period was abnormal in June 2014. It lasted 4 days when I'm usually 7 days. In July I didn't get a period, but I tested positive for pregnancy the day of my missed period. I had sex June 30th and July 2nd. Could I have been pregnant before July 2nd?

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Dani Jul 26, 2014 03:24:05 AM ET

Is it possible to become pregnant in a few days if I was ovulating when I had sex? I feel bloating, light headed, I lost weight, I'm tired all the time, and I have cramping.

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Alice Jul 11, 2014 12:21:07 PM ET

I'm almost 2 months behind my period, but I had sex with my boyfriend earlier. I was planning to take the pregnancy test tomorrow morning. I am wondering if it's okay to take the pregnancy test tomorrow despite that I had sex with my boyfriend earlier? Will it affect the result?

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anupama Jun 12, 2014 08:23:50 AM ET

I had sex on the second day of my period. Will I get pregnant?

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Al May 26, 2014 11:48:52 AM ET

I realized on Friday 5/23, that I skipped the entire first week of my pills, which meant I was currently on the second to last sugar pill. I have no idea how I did that, I guess life has been really hectic. I had sex Wednesday 5/21, which would have been when I was ovulating, since when on birth control you usually get you're period between Tuesday and Thursday. I still don't have it, and it's Sunday 5/25. On Friday when I realized this, I took a test. It was negative, and I guess I panicked and didn't realize you needed to wait longer than that. Most of the information websites give you about this kind of stuff does not relate to those on birth control, they relate to women who ovulate naturally, so when they said day after missed period, I said "that's me!" But... it's not! Anyway, that test was obviously negative. Now, yesterday, Saturday 5/26, I thought I was getting my period, but now I'm reading it's 99% possible that it's implantation bleeding. It's definitely pinkish, and NOT my period. SO, I took another test yesterday. Then I realized morning was best as is after implantation. SO, I think tomorrow morning, might be ok? That will be 2 full days after "implantation bleeding" began, 5 days after both ovulation, my missed period, and having sex. Should I wait longer, or what should I do?!

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