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pee Nov 10, 2014 11:11:48 PM ET

I have a 31-33 days regular cycle. I was told my fertile day wouldn't be CD 14, but from 16-19 or 20. I had sex within those times and beyond, but I'm still not pregnant. I have done two tests, but both were negative. What could be the problem? I'm very worried. I need advice.

Guest Nov 20, 2014 09:00:52 PM ET

Every time you ovulate, your chance for pregnancy is only about 15% if you are having sex around that time. try bbt charting and opk tests, so that you have a more accurate idea of when you ovulate. good luck!

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nes Nov 10, 2014 10:15:43 PM ET

Hi. I have a question. Once you get off your period, are you fertile?

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neicy Nov 9, 2014 03:38:46 PM ET

Hi my period was 09/14/14 and ended 09/20/14, now on 10/05/14. I started spotting when I wiped with tissue. The spotting brown lasted off and on until 10/08/14. My period is normally every 22 days. I always use my period tracker to see when my next period is. It says it's supposed to come on 10/05/14, but I only got spotting. I took a pregnancy test on 10/1/14, but it came back negative. Could my spotting be implantation bleeding? I want to take pregnancy test today, but I don't. Is it still too early for a positive pt?

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sadiya Oct 28, 2014 07:46:20 AM ET

My last period date was September 8th. Yesterday, I had a small amount of bleeding. What does this mean?

Guest Nov 5, 2014 06:24:14 AM ET

It could be implantation bleeding. the best way to know is by taking a pregnancy test.

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ash Oct 9, 2014 01:43:29 PM ET

I had a tubal 14 yrs ago. This morning I woke up with a temperature, lower back ache, my uterus camping, boobs hurt, and I'm sweating. I'm also very tired. My LMP was 9/26/14. Today is the 9th Oct. Could I be pregnant?

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guess Oct 7, 2014 06:07:10 PM ET

Hi. I had my implanon inserted in April 2011, and got it removed September 17 2014. I was spotting before I got it out, but then a couple days later my period was heavy. I had unprotected sex three times since the removal. Now I feel pregnant.

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Angelbaby Oct 4, 2014 10:07:30 PM ET

Hello, I'm really confused and hope you ladies might be able to give helpful advice. I am on cycle day 31, and currently have not had a period, when I normally have regular or early cycles. I have had typical early pregnancy symptoms for the past week and a half; nausea, aversion to smells, breast tenderness, mood swings and yesterday evening I had 3 little spots of light pink blood, which was weird. I took two tests last week and they were negative. So now what??

Guest Nov 5, 2014 06:21:11 AM ET

I think it's best if you see a doctor, or try to re-take a pregnancy test just to make sure if you are or are not pregnant.

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tree Sep 30, 2014 08:27:55 PM ET

Hi I started my period on the 19th of this month, and had unprotected sex on the 21st. During my period, a week later, I went to the bathroom and had very light pink spotting on the toilet paper just that once. Can anyone please tell me if that means pregnancy, or something else?

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Kate Sep 30, 2014 12:51:42 AM ET

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 17th the day I was fertile. My ovulation day was the 22nd, and I have been having cramps, lower back pains, and horrible headaches. What do I do?

Guest Nov 5, 2014 06:28:20 AM ET

Take a pregnancy test, or visit your primary doctor to see if you are or are or are not pregnant.

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yer Sep 29, 2014 05:34:09 AM ET

Hi. I need help!!!! I had a period on 08/19/2014. It lasted for 5 days. On the 09/19/2014 I went two restroom, wiped, and it was only a little brown. Then, I did not have anything for about 3 days. Then I had a little light pink blood, and than a couple day's latter had brown. Was this implementation?

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