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Signs of Pregnancy With a Negative Pregnancy Test

Jerri Colonero, RN, BS


I had my last period on Feb 18. I had sex six times during the three days I was fertile. I had a blood test on the 9th of March but my period wasn't due until around the 16th - 20th of March. I am now about 7 to 8 days late. I took a HPT on the 23rd of March. The test was negative but I still have symptoms. Is it possible I can still be pregnant? I was on the pill but I stopped a while ago and I had a period last month.

A. Most pregnancy tests can now detect pregnancy within a day of a missed period. Some companies may claim earlier detection as you mentioned. For any pregnancy tests you should use the first urine in the morning for the most accurate results. You must follow all the directions carefully. It is also important that the container you use be 100% free of detergent residue. Any trace of detergent can cause a false reading.

Some medications can also affect the results of pregnancy tests, especially tranquilizers, antihistamines and of-course fertility drugs.

You should call your doctor and arrange for a pregnancy blood test if you still have not had a period.

Jerri Colonero RN


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Laura Rogers Nov 24, 2018 02:35:29 PM ET

My husband and I both see and feel movement in my stomach I had been have nausea sore breasts fatigue and cravings a few months ago. Now my stomach is expanding and I can feel movement and so can my husband and when he talks to my belly it responds to him and the movement go over to where he is almost every time. I have taken at home pregnant tests but they have all been negative and I still have been having my monthly periods. I have been very moody like in previous pregnancies and if I am pregnant I can be anywhere between 1-6 months because my husband was working out of town and every time he came home I would be ovulating and we would get it on. I have had 3 live birth pregnancies already and with each the hcg hormone never showed until I was 5 months or later when my period stopped. Could I still be pregnant. My husband came home in May and October. He wants me to go to hospital and I have called around about blood pregnant tests but everyone keeps telling me to see my doctor for it. I don't have a doctor and haven't been to one in two years because of no insurance. If I am I would like to know so that I can get on insurance as soon as possible.

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Eli Aug 10, 2018 08:40:02 PM ET

I haven't seen my period since June and I had sex after my last period in may which stopped around 20th of may. Urine, blood and scan shows negative and boobs keep growing bigger, nipples are painful but I am not having any feelings of pregnancy except this boobs and period stuff. Though I used alabunkun and teem 3times repeatedly in may after sex for prevention. Can that be the cause of my problem now or what do u think?

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Loveth May 30, 2018 11:41:42 AM ET

I saw my period on the 1 of April and ended on the 4th, and through out the month of April I was having unprotected sex with my husband until this month of May. We started having sex on the 5 April and now I have not seen my period and I have the symptoms of pregnancy,cramping, sick, always sleeping, vomiting any time I eat. I don't know but, my test result said negative. Could I be pregnant?

Guest Jun 28, 2018 06:07:35 AM ET

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and i took 2 blood tests and 3 urine tests at my dr office and they were all negative but i have a hormone problem called pilagomonia well it deals with the pitatority levels anyways long story short i was 12 weeks in january when i found out that i was really pregnant it was a surprise ultrasound and seen a full baby so u to could be pregnant

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Neyda Dec 12, 2017 04:13:12 AM ET

I got married four months ago, I'm only 19 and since then my period has been acting up, months ago my period delayed 4 days last month 7 and today will be the 8th day without any period and I'm not pregnant. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with me? Help!

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Saya Nov 30, 2017 06:13:18 AM ET

Hi. I've been dealing that scenario these past few weeks . Usually my period lasts 3-4 days but now , this November 6 had my period only just a day and it's not heavy. I used only 1 pad . Nov 7 I used panty liner already . After how many days I took a test, out of curiosity but it's negative . And now , after more than 3 weeks I took a test again but still negative. Me and my husband using withdrawal method (sorry for the term) . Can you please help me ? I'm very confused.

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terrineisha Nov 18, 2017 08:55:38 PM ET

Hi, my name is Terrineisha and I have been having some cramps and I feel like I can be pregnant. I haven't came on. Can I be pregnant? It will be 3 weeks today, almost a month since I have came on and I took 3 tests and all been negative. What does that mean? Can someone help me please?

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Okwuchi Nov 5, 2017 09:39:18 AM ET

Had the same experience, I tested positive 3months again, I had symptoms of pregnancy,started feeling movement . But, after bleeding on the 14oct, just last month I tested negative. Gone to hospital is negative. And it is heartbreaking that my fiance did not believe me. Please, I need advice and what happened to the baby in my womb?

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jannela Mar 20, 2017 11:24:49 AM ET

I'm 3 months delayed and still negative on pt. And on my 3rd month i had spotting. What should I do? Please help me.

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mosheri Mar 5, 2017 04:10:55 AM ET

Hi my name is Monique. My wife and I did an iui October 31 and two weeks after we did 4 home tests, 1 blood and all came out negative.But my wife's belly is getting bigger and she feels a lot of movement in her belly to the point when she sleeps on her stomach and rolls over to her side it's like the baby is trying to adjust to her from moving off of him/her. Her boobs are huge and I'm going crazy. This would be her first baby and I'm going crazy. What should we do. I'm at a loss. Please some one help!!!!!

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kiah Dec 21, 2016 09:38:42 PM ET

I think I might be pregnant. I am getting sore tender boobs, and I keep having really bad cramps, and I have thrown up twice the past week, and feeling faint a lot, and I am getting really worried because I haven't come on my period yet. And my butt is getting fatter. But I don't exactly know what to do. I had sex 4 times this month ( unprotected ).

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